Just Plane Old Poop!

We had a ball!!!  Vegas was fun and we returned in one piece.  Broke but in one piece.  I do, however, have an issue with the airplane potty.  I really try not to go, at all, in their facility.  Urinating in a tight place is one thing but pooping is impossible!  Infuriating!  Women try not to sit on the seat no matter what.  At a young age we are taught to hover over the seat.  Hovering over the seat at 37,000 feet is a whole new skill.  Especially trying to poop.  And remember I am having foot surgery next Wednesday so my balance is done without the help of my right foot.  Now we hit a small amount of turbulence.  I looked like a pogo stick …bouncing on one foot…trying not to go crashing through the door.  Flushing button was hit by accident…BIG MISTAKE!!!  Everything within three feet was sucked out.  Now balancing on one foot with ass being vaccumed into the bowels of the aircraft. Could not find my wine cup.   When I finally emerged, the flight attendant was laughing.  Not funny!  I did get free drinks the rest of the flight.

Neighborhood mystery.  Our neighbors went out one morning only to find their two little rabbits dead.  So sad and very unusual.  One had a puncture wound in the neck and the other the neck was broken.  At the same time something had jumped the fence in Dusty’s backyard and got the attention of his pit-bull, Chico.  Chico went flying down the yard and managed to scare whatever it was back over the fence.  And whatever it was broke part of the fence and left some fur behind.  Scary stuff.  Talked with our neighbor who lives behind us and we came to the conclusion that it was either a coyote or the granddaddy of all raccoons that she has seen wondering around.  The last few nights I get up and look out the window.  Don’t ask me what I would do if I actually saw the raccoon as big as a person or a coyote.  Of course I would crab the shotgun and a new pair of underwear on the way out.  Then I’m feeding the birds and I see this tail going into the bird feeder.  A snake!  Don’t ask me what kind…I don’t care.  But when Bill finally got it to come out of the feeder…it was 4 ft. long.  Not to mention in 4 pieces.  But that took some doing.  Bill had the shovel that had the wide teeth at the bottom and kept missing him.  After I retrieved the correct spade the reptiles life was ended.  The birds were so excited and Bill was exhausted..

Lani is now back in South Carolina.  She was here for 2 weeks and I miss her so much.  She and Mr. Wonderful,TJ, got to see their old friends, visit Galveston, and attend Ryan and Leah’s wedding in Kerrville.  (Ryan is my nephew).  The trip to Kerrville was so much fun.  Bill stayed home with the animals and Dusty, Lani and TJ were my companions for the weekend.  It was great to see my brother and Libby and old friends.  Only misfortune was the starter went out in the truck but Dusty had that switched out in no time and we were on our way.  Ryan and Leah are now in Jamaica having a wonderful honeymoon. 

Great news on the cancer front.  It has been 1 year and 2 months since my last chemo.  When it recurred the first time it came back 1 year and 1 month later.  So I have made it an extra month.  Time to celebrate!  According to stats it comes back sooner each occurrence.  So I guess I have defied the odds.  Not going to hoop it up too much but that is progress!  So after my foot surgery on Wed. I will be able to get back on the treadmill and start exercising again.  Man, I feel like a kid who just got the training wheels removed from my bike.  YeeHaw!  So please keep those “No cancer prayers” going.  They are working!

Hugs from Fulshear!

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