The Speed of Life!

It seems like the past two weeks have flown by.  I really believe life travels faster than the speed of your brain.  I have hired a maid service, had storage packers, house painters, house photographer, foot surgery, and full blown supervising of the property operations.  I have to say that men need women….I’m not so sure about the other way around.  The day before my surgery the guys are loading the trailer to take things to the storage unit.  They are trying to push two large tool boxes, full of Dusty’s bazillion tools…which weigh a ton, up the ramp to the trailer.  Here I am with a bum foot and deciding whether or not I’m supposed to go out and help them push.  Decided to help before the tool box rolled back on them.  If I had not been there…I would hate to imagine.  Then I get a mosquito bite on my right foot.  My surgery foot.  The foot that will spend the next 2 weeks ina cast up to the knee.  I plastered that bite with everything known to man to keep it from itching.  I had two days to get it normal.  I could just see me with a big hanger….stuck down my cast …to relieve the misery that the mosquito proboscis bestowed on me. 

Surgery went well.  The nurses were great and Dr. Parker was his usual wonderful self….BUT…I have a bone to pick, no pun intended, with the anesthetist.  At 7AM, I was putting my gown on to prepare my butt to get on the table.  Since surgery was on my heel, to remove a bone spur, I was going to have to get on my tummy.  No, they put me on my back and told me nurse Phillip was going to flip me over after I was put out.  So the last person I see is “Phillip the flipper”!  The doctor puts a mask on me…tells me to breathe four times real deep and let him know when I’m asleep.  Cute! Ha-Ha!  First of all….I get naseated with gas.  Ever since I was a kid and had my tonsils removed at age four, I remember that smell.  That ether smell!!!  It has not changed at age 62.  Gross, nauseating and when I came back to the real world I was sick!  All my other foot surgeries, 2 other to be exact, I was IV’d out.  So much better and no sickness.  Anyway got home and will see Dr. Parker again on June 3rd.  I have found a way to relieve myself of the cast when I can’t stand it anymore.  It’s in two pieces and I remove the bandage and take it off for a while and then put it back on.  I use the ice machine to keep the swelling down but I never took a pain pill.  When I opened my eyes in recovery..besides being sick, I had a foot that could have belonged to the Jolly Green Giant!  I called Dr. Bevers and told him he needs to get a bigger right stirrup for my who-who visits! I was given a cast condom for my showering needs.  I feel like one of Jeff Dunhams puppets.  He’s got Jose Jalapeno on a “steek” and I am Leilani on an ice machine!

I am only required to do one thing these days…supervise.  Actually, I’m pretty good at it.  I was in charge of the family Memorial Day get-together.  I really missed Lani and TJ but we had the rest of the gang and then some.  Debbie (Bill’s daughter) came in from the Lumberton area with her hubby Jason and youngest daughter Erika and boyfriend Dustin.  So we had two Dustin’s.  My Dusty and oldest son Casey were here with their girlfriends and daughter-in-law Jennifer, fiancee Tim, Tim’s daughter Amanda and boyfriend Jonathan, along with grandson Braden, Jennifer’s brother Greg, and last but not least, my nephew Walker.  Lots of food and fun.  Thanks to my youngest, Dusty, for the great job with the BBQ.  Swimming, football, Frisbee, pistol practice at the pit and ice cold beer and wine!  Facebook pictures tell it all!  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Thank you to all our troops …past and present, for your service.  We love you!

So as I hobble into time that travels so fast I can’t even think, I am praying for a fast recovery and dreams of getting into the pool quickly.  I have not been able to exercise with my bum foot and now nothing doing with the cast.  If we could put time in a bottle …what would you save??????  Hugs!




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