Mystery Critter

It has been an interesting two weeks to say the least.  There has been two open houses for the Fulshear Property, meetings with various companies to take care of the Navasota Property, maids in and out (which not complaining they make my life much easier) , pest control treatments at both houses, traveling back and forth to the storage units, cleaning out closets and of course transporting dogs at the last minute.  Life just got complicated for two old farts.  The last open house brought many lookers and we have another showing today at 3 PM.  Hopefully it is someone that stopped by yesterday and is taking a second look.  The Navasota Property is so much fun.  Quiet, except for a gun shot every now and then, which only adds character to the place.  We do have a mystery on our hands.  The hole that we found dug by some critter right under the bedroom has returned.  Dusty and I filled the hole in, per instructions from Brian, our Navasota pest dude.  Only for it to be dug out neat and clean two days later.  It went from being a skunk to a armadillo…now not sure.  We had ruled out opossum and raccoon only because they are more climbers than diggers.  I am ready to go to Academy and purchase an outdoor day/night camera and do a little investigating of my own.  I haven’t felt this much like Sherlock Holmes since my chemo days sent me hunting outside with my BB gun to ward off the cats from the birds nest at 3AM…NAKED!   Ahh…such wonderful memories.  The wonderful feel of chemo fog.  UGH!  Lani added her two cents and said that if we had showed up in church after the skunk encounter, our new friend and New Hope’s Church pastor, Dr. Max Brand, would have had pew-ee’s in the pews.   Hopefully it’s not a l’il stinker and it’s a harmless dillo.

I really miss Lani and my mother.  Times like these call for a girls conference.  As I have stated…the men are driving me bonkers!  Bill has gone from just turning the TV up loud to putting the phone on speaker when he answers it.  Then he says you talk to them I can’t understand what they are saying.  A deaf man in the next county could have heard what they are saying.  I had the new phone company in Navasota call me this morning confirming all that we had signed up for. The phone, internet, and Directv are all together.  They wanted to make sure because some of the options that Bill had picked were a little strange.  OK…I’ll bite, what exactly did he sign up for?  I almost grabbed the wine bottle at 10 AM.  Let’s put it this way…we don’t need porn channels on Directv among other things.  I cut the bill in half.  When confronted…he blamed it on his hearing…NICE TRY!  I think he and Dusty had been hitting the Crown when they made the call.  Both of them looking so innocent with that sh_t eating grin. 

The Hurles house is so ready for football to start.  Our Texan season tickets arrived a couple weeks ago and now we are getting up dates on training camp activites and get togethers.  “Are you ready for some football” is in the air.  It seems to be the buzz on Facebook too.  Both College and Pro.  Anyway Bill and I are ready for some great parties.  I sure hope cooler weather comes along with it.  My poor Mockingbird family sit on the front porch with their beaks wide open.  Had to find a water bowl for them.  I”ll have to put a Texan sticker on it so they get ready for the pigskin season too. 

“They’re Pistols and They’re Loaded” has now gone to my book designer, Shiloh.  Tyler, my editor is finished and I am waiting on the cartoonist to finish.  I am sending Shiloh photos to place in the book.  So we should be getting the finished product soon.  I have a speaking engagement on Aug. 14TH for a women’s business network so I will have a copy of the new cover to show them.  Video dude Mike from “Zoom” will be there to show the Ride,Baby Ride! video that is on You-Tube to the group.  Will be a fun time.   First engagement since my foot surgery so I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

Hope everyone has a great week.  Pray for no skunk and nice smelling air.


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