Call of the Wild

Well, we did it.  We closed on the Navasota Property.  It’s been trying to say the least …but all done now.  Special thanks to Dr. Max Brand who helped in so many ways with all our property needs.  Bill, of course, did not have his hearing aids in at closing so you can visualize the proceedings.  I mean really, even Vincent van Gogh could have heard half the conversation!  Just as we closed on Navasota, we opened up our home to an open house in  Fulshear.  It was a big success according to the realtor that showed it.  Had about seven groups come in during the three hour showing.  Waiting to hear about the feedback.  Thank you to all that got the word out for us.  And of course to the ones that came and brought someone. 

In the meantime, I am refereeing two men that are acting like school boys.  Dusty and Bill.  Bill is ranting and raving about this and that, Dusty is back in the dating circuit so as we are trying to keep the house “ready for show”, Dusty is shuffling between caring for his dogs, trying to move his stuff to the new property and driving Bill nuts with young ladies comings and goings.  So finally came to a head on Sunday morning.  I told Bill he was in “time-out” for the day and for Dusty to shut up and get in his truck and follow me to Navasota.  Dusty helped me unload a bunch of totes and also bring some things back with us.  We walked the entire 7 1/2 acres and took notes on different things that needed to be done.  Dusty also changed all the door locks and brought some of his mechanics tools and stuff so that he could work on cars there if need be.  So spending the day with Dusty was very productive with no bickering amongst the “children”.  While there, we found a critter hole burrowed under the house.  The master bedroom to be exact…so I refuse to share my bedroom, either space over or under, with a raccoon or opossum family.  Also told it could be a fox.  Doesn’t matter…space is not for rent.  So calling critter control today.  The wild turkeys were having a field day in the trees.  There is nothing to describe their sounds.  Something else to look forward to.  Thanksgiving might come early!

Starr and I are completely surrounded by males.  With Lani gone my sanity is not far behind.  Starr tried to wake Bill up this morning at 5 AM to go outside.  Now she has her doggy door that she can go out anytime she wants but she likes the attention and to my great joy, she bugs Bill bright and early.  When after the third try she comes to my side of the bed, paws me, as if asking …”does he have his hearing aids in”?   About this time Dusty gets up to get ready for work and his two heathens, Chico and Rufus,  are outside telling the universe that they are up and at-em.  What is it with men and their territorial sounds.  OMG!

My prayer jar is happy today.  Brother-in-law Ray is home from the hospital.  He had surgery for pancreatic cancer and is now trying to get some weight back on.  So sending prayers Ray’s way for a speedy recovery.  Also, please continue to pray to St. Joseph for us to sell our home quickly.  Hey, the poor guy is upside down in the ground next to the For Sale sign.  He needs a breather.  We say our prayer every morning.  I guess he’s working on just the right person to buy it. 

Have a great week my friends….stay safe.


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