Twilight Zone Revisited

If you grew up in my era then you will remember theTV show “The Twilight Zone” .  Rod Serling intorduces you into the weird happenings of one’s life when you enter the dimension called the Twilight Zone.  At 7:00 AM one morning last week.. .. Lani and I entered the Twilight Zone.  It started with our phone ringing one time.  Bill looked at caller ID and saw that it was Lani.  However, when calling Lani back to make sure all was OK, we discovered that she had been in her bathroom applying make-up and her phone was in her den on the coffee table…turned off.  No one else was at home.  I told her I thought she had accidently “butt called” me.  She even checked and we were not the last phone number she had dailed.  OK, now really getting strange.  Several other creepy things happened that day to both of us.  Front row parking places….like people pulling out right as you drive up.  Finding an object you had been looking for forever.  Found an old photo that I hadn’t seen in years.  Just as starters.  We were all waiting for which ever deceased relative was circling that day to give us a hint of you they were.  Then BINGO!  My mother is the spirit.  Her birthday is this week.  And that would be soooo her to connect Lani and me that day.  Her birthday is also the day we are scheduled to close on the Navasota property.  And to add to the matter….my crock-pot got a crack in the ceramic part of the pot.  So I got out one of the crock-pots that used to belong to my mom.  For those not up on the sequence of events…mom passed away in 1997.  Her crock-pot was probably purchased in 1980’s.  It’s an old Rival one.  So as I slow cooked a roast over night, I kept the fire extinguisher next to my bed.  So if the Rival decided to show it’s age, I was ready.  It was definitely mom!

Since we are going back in time, dabbling in the past sort of speak, does anyone remember the Parker Bros. ink pens.  I still have one and I’m forever going to “Office Depot” to get refil cartridges.  I remember that it was such a big deal to have a cool Parker’s Bros. pen.  Since my schooling was fifties and sixties, I remember when the ballpoints took over and then BIC.  Bill was telling me that he remembers having the ink pens with the ink well on your desk.  Where you dipped your pen.  I visualize the signing of the Declaration of Independence with the feather pens, quills, whatever.  Gee, Bill I’m glad I’m not as old as you.  Ink wells?  OMG!

My friend Pat sent me a cartoon titled “Auntie Acid”.  One of the toons said “the best part of the day is when you can take off your bra”.  How true this is.  If it wouldn’t be such a disaster not to wear one…I wouldn’t.   I love that time of day.  Of course, Bill thinks it’s an invitation.  I’m getting to the point where the bra doesn’t do much good anyway.  The boobs are hanging out of the bottom of the cup.  What happened to that day in sixth grade where I was the only girl that didn’t need one?  Now these “puppies” are having a hard time staying in my bathing suit.  The “big brown eyes” circumference is getting so big I could nurse Dumbo!

Had a wonderful lunch outing with my cancer prayer group on Friday.  We met at The Brookwood Community in Brookshire for an afternoon of great food and excellent company.  If you have never been to Brookwood please try to.  It is a residence for special needs adults.  They have a beautiful garden, church, living quarters, cafe and gift store.  I invited my daughter-in-law Jennifer to go with me and we did a little shopping after the lunch.  All sales help the community.  And thank you Krista for picking up the lunch tab.  You are a sweetheart.

I also have a “killer” recipe that D-I-L Jennifer gave me.  It’s for the crock-pot.  Chuck roast, 1 pack of italian salad dressing, 1 pack of ranch salad dressing, (remember salad dressing ,not dip mix) 1 pack of brown gravy mix and water.  Mix all three packages together with 2 cups of water.  Brown roast in skillet (optional) and put in crock-pot.  Cover with mixture.  Add water if it doesn’t cover the top of the roast.  Set on low for 8-10 hrs.  Melts in your mouth! 

Have a great week my friends.  Stay safe and avoid any twilight zones of your own.  Although kinda fun trying to figure them out.  Hugs!


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