Some days just turn out better than others.  Bill and I started out at 4:30 this morning.  Getting the trash out to the curb, grabbing a quick cup of coffee, and waiting for Jennifer to arrive so that we could all head out to the TV station KHOU 11.  Get to the station a little after 7.  We noticed the front door was unlocked and ajar.  So we went in and sat in the lobby.  After about 5 minutes… in walks Elvis.  Nothing against this dude but he needed special help.  So Elvis leaves the building only to return later on the Deborah Duncan show.  Then the security guard comes in and asked “how did you 3 get in here”?  Ahhhh, we picked the lock?  Dumbasses never cease to amaze me.  We all decided that this guy should not be carrying a weapon.  Barney Fife for sure.  Mayberry would have been perfect for him.  No sir, it was unlocked.  OK….don’t let anyone else in.  So…we are all sitting around waiting for 8 o’clock to arrive.  Everyone else is outside and we are in the cool air conditioning.  At 8 we walk into the DD studio to have pictures made with our group with our banner and then we were seated in the audience.  Every other group got on the air. BUT US!  Deborah was very nice.  We had pictures made with her and she wanted a copy of my book, cards , and donation info.  The whole group got to meet her and then we talked about September and ovarian cancer month.  Hopefully we can return in September and have our own segment.  Bill and I want to thank everyone who showed up today and helped us spread the word about ovarian cancer.  Oh yeah…Bill forgot his hearing aid.

Getting ready to close on the Navasota property this week.  Bill is driving everyone nuts.  He is so antsy.  He has managed to piss just about everybody off. And me 3 or 4 times.  If there is something that needs done, I arrange for it to happen.  Yesterday, Dusty took down the basketball goal so that it could be transported to grandson Braden.  He no more had it in two pieces that Bill was ready to haul it out of here.  He has hit his hand twice were he already had cuts from falling over backwards in the chair.  He got himself wrapped up in the garden hose…unfortunately it wasn’t around his neck, and I found him trying to chop down my poke berry tree.  An offense punishable by hanging.  So needless to say I ‘ll be glad when this week is out of the way.

It finally rained here.  I thought the neighborhood frogs were having a “toada party”.  That’s toga for amphibians.  Nothing like birds, horses, and dogs going out and getting wet.  The cars needed a good rinsing too.  I was tempted but if I had done something to my healing foot, Dr. Parker would have shot me.  The cardinals and mockingbirds have been bathing in the swimming pool.  They use the beach entrance and play and splash.  So spoiled around here.  The squirrels that used to drive Starr nuts now play freely without interuption.  She just looks at them goes back to sleep.  It’s hell getting old!  And to her defense..way to hot.

Happy Birthday to my good friend Linda.  Too bad you will always be older than me.  Had to get that in.  We enjoyed having lunch with you and Dave today.  They introduced us to a Chinese place in River Oaks.  Best I’d ever tasted….lunch prices were good too.  So if you are in the Houston area please try the Cafe Ginger.  You won’t be disappointed.  And they have a bar. 

Stay cool my friends.  Have a wonderful week and special prayers to brother-in-law Ray in Ohio recovering from pancreatic surgery and our friend Sharon Williams also in Ohio for luck on your shoulder surgery.  All of you in my prayer jar are covered as well.  God Bless!


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