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My first swim of the season!  I was so excited.  Dr. Parker took my cast away and gave me an attractive “pump up” boot to wear.  But boots come off when the doctor is not in range and the pool just happened to be there waiting.  So.. I do a few laps (Dr.Parker- just in case you are reading this…I didn’t use my fins)… arms only and enjoy my relaxing swim.  Bill comes out to keep an eye on me and decides to sit in the saloon, wine in hand, and enjoy the beautiful day.  He selects a comfy chair and preceeds to sit down.  I am at the end of the pool looking right at him as he tips over backwards in the chair.  All I see is four chair legs and two Bill legs.  I thought I was dreaming…I haven’t seen so many legs in the air since being in the maternity ward.  Am I at the gynecologist office?  The man has fallen backwards but did not hit his head, did not break anything, and did not spill a drop of wine.  The table that was behind him was leaning over his head.  The table had a piece of plexiglas for it’s top and and an ashtray anchor (off of Magoo’s old boat), weighing about ten pounds, dangling on the edge of it.  I jumped out of the pool.  Got there just in time to say don’t move, just as the anchor is sliding toward his head.  Not that it would have hurt him.  Just knock some sense in that hard head of his.   Bill finally squims his way out of the wreckage and rolls to safety.  Yes, it took me several wines to recover.  It seems that the chair he chose was damaged.  Two bent back legs.  Lord…give me strength!

I try to keep myself in half-way good shape.  About the time I’m dropping a size a damn holiday comes along and forces you to eat.  And eat good stuff…not healthy stuff.  I mean what’s a 4TH of July without homemade ice cream and my daughter-in-law Jennifer’s awesome potato salad.  What’s Labor Day without a huge chocolate cake.  What is Halloween without stealing snickers from the kids.  What is Thanksgiving without , turkey , dressing and pumpkin pie.  What’s Christmas without a Honey Baked ham, mashed potatoes and the works.  Then comes New Year’s …my birthday…Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s day and beer, Easter and another Honey baked ham, Memorial Day BBQ, and then guess what?  We start over again.  Not fair.  No wonder my scale doesn’t work properly.  It’s not used to an elephant standing on it.   Having the surgery had to be done but it only postponed the exercise regiment.  What is a girl to do?  Guess I’ll go eat leftovers!

For those of you who have asked….here’s the Leilani story.  The name is Leilani.  It is Hawaiian.  It means heavenly flower.  (Although in high school my friends decided it was more like “hell’s weed”.  I was named after Bing Crosby’s #1 hit song in 1937 “Sweet Leilani”.  At the start of WWll, my dad enlisted in the Army and was a reconnaissance pilot.  Each pilot got to name their air plane.  Dad named his “Sweet Leilani”.  After the war my parents decided if they ever had a girl they would name her Leilani.  So here I am.  An added coincidence is my mom’s name was Leila (pronounced Lee-la) and my daughter’s name is Lani (pronounced Lonnie).  So Leilani has both Leila and Lani in it.  I feel I always carry a part of my mom and a part of my daughter with me at all times.  So now you know the rest of the story!

Getting ready to close on the Navasota property next week.  Getting real excited.  We went out to see it again yesterday and measured a few things.  Our realtor/broker is Dr. Max Brand.  One of the coolest pastors ever.  He reminds me of my retired pastor and friend Dave Peterson from Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church.  Max is the pastor of the New Hope Church in Navasota (corner of Hwy 6 and hwy 105).  Isn’t it funny how God works.  He definitely has a sense of humor.  I figure He decided I’d better not go too long without some type of spiritual guidance.  Nothing like putting a pastor in your path while house hunting!  So now poor Max will be making me behave in the front row.  If you are out that way for a Sunday morning drive…drop in and visit. 

So…living the life and trying to stay out of trouble.  It’s soooo hard.  But now that God has double teamed me, I guess I’d better behave myself…a little.  Stay cool and be safe!

Hugs from Fulshear,





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