Big Brother Is Watching!

It’s really not nice to scare the crap out of an old lady at 10:30 at night.  Actually, anytime of night.  I had fallen asleep watching TV in bed.  I woke up to flip the TV off.  Our bedroom french doors face the backyard with a full view of Magoo’s old house…Dusty’s new residence.  All of a sudden,with no lights on except the back porch and the stars above, a bright light, of high beam headlight caliber, shines on Magoo/Dusty’s house, stays on for maybe 15 seconds and then turns off as fast as it came on.  I knew it could not have been a flashlight.  Strange!  I get out of bed, grab my 9mm pistol and, with Starr (playing the role of “Under Dog), proceed to go to every window in the house, take a peek out into the darkness and see absolutely nothing.  I check on the Jeep and the truck…nothing.  I thought someone was in the Jeep and accidentally turned the lights on.   I go back to the bedroom and wake Bill up.  He sees the gun and jumps out of bed screaming what’s wrong with you?  Oh, nothing, just thought I’d wake you up to see if you’d notice the gun.  What do you think, Bill?  So now we are both up searching.  Then, I start thinking, was that dad and Lilly here for a short visit?  After all, the bright light was of heavenly strength.  Bill chalks it up to I’m dreaming and I’m left wondering that myself.  Then, talking to my neighbor Bernie, I find out that the sherrif’s department drives by several times at night and shines their spot light on different things as to keep us safe.  The cops nearly caused me to go insane (more than usual),  almost giving my husband a heart attack, visualizing angels, and having my dog think that there was a 300 pound opossum at the window.  So, don’t go shining lights into the backyard…..this pistol packing momma is watching and to my relief so is the Ft. Bend Sherrif’s Department. 

It was time.  The dreaded “give the dog a bath time”.  Starr with her tail between her legs is slowly lifted into the bathtub with a look on her face that definitely spells out …I’m pissed!  Of course, not even halfway of soaking her down I get the shake off.  Scuba gear needed.  Snorkel a must.  Then I proceed to get hammered with water for the next ten minutes.  And as expected …a quick exit to dry off outside in the warm sun.  Only to return after a roll in the grass which included a dead frog.  Back to square one.

Saw Dr. Parker yesterday.  I no longer have to wear the cast condom.  Cast came off but the “big black boot” went on.  So imprisoned for another few weeks.  But at least I can get in the pool.  Can’t swim but I can wade around.  I’ll take it.  I also visited Tracy (one of my nurses) at Kirby Glen.  The place where I get my port cleaned.  But they were so busy Bill and I left and will have to re-schedule.  See Betsy (nurse out with back surgery),   they need you.  Get well soon.  Talked with Dr. Bevers and my pet-scan was all clear!!!!  Ta-Da!  So very proud of myself, good CA125 and clear pet.  Life is good!

Have had several hits on the property.  Was even offered a bid for the horse field.  Very funny, their are two different interested parties for that.  So keep praying to St. Joseph that we sell the house too.  We close on the Navasota property by July 19th.  With the help of my daughter-in-law Jennifer, we are selling lots of things on Craig’s List.  What doesn’t sell we will have a moving sale.  Lots of nice furniture.  Oak bedroom set, recliners, bunk beds, end tables, TV and so on.   Just can’t take it all to Navasota.   And Bill will be moving without his favorite pair of work boots.  The Mexican brigade came to weed eat and mow yesterday and one dude split his boot and asked Bill if he could borrow his.  He did not bring them back.  Bill is beside himself.  His Academy treasures are missing!

Many have been asking about the different diets I been talking about.  There is also a list of super-foods that the pet imaging center gave me if anyone is interested.  Blueberries, oranges, oats, almonds, garlic, salmon, tomatoes,spinach, onions, olive oil, green and black teas, and my favorite…dark chocolate.  So enjoy and stay healthy.  I have really been watching my wheat in-take.  Don’t feel as bloated.  Of course the scale tells me something different.  I don’t think it’s working properly.  Does anyone else have a malfunctioning scale? 

Healing thoughts out to all in my prayer jar.  And I have to add my sis-in-law Libby’s mother, Ellen, to the list.  She fell again and broke her leg.  So  please say a pray for Ellen.  Have a wonderful 4TH of July and stay safe.  And have a blast with the “big bang”.



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