Life is good.  I get to sit around and watch Bill and Dusty knock themselves out trying to kill carpenter bees in our oak tree.  Or we thought carpenter bees.  The two of them are lucky I didn’t film them for You-Tube.  Bill had the water hose and Dusty had a can of wasp spray in each hand.  As they started their strategy I was sitting on the back porch…when they ended their attempt I was in the pool..underwater getting away from the swarm that preceded to attack.  All I needed was sunscreen and a snorkel.  Not satisfied that they were bees..I did some investigating of my own.  I creeped up on the tree…in camouflage….incognito…wine in one hand and pool net in the other.  There is no way they are going to see me coming. Right?  So, they start buzzing around.  Dive bomboing.  One swoop of my mighty pool net and I have my POW.  I bring him in the house.  Put him in a baggy and get on line to see what I have captured.  It is a Green June Beetle.  Have no clue why they are here or what damage they do.  I called our pest guy and described the little prisoner.  We will see what the outcome is today when he sees them.

Between feeling like a pachyderm, trying to sell this house, and driving to Navasota to get that house ready….we need to own a gas company.  I still do my speeches and finally finished the second book.  The book is at the book designer’s and the only thing we are waiting on is the finished product to send to the printers.  I still get my port cleaned each month and I have a Dr. Bevers appointment this month for bloodwork and physical.  Always a nervous time.  I have my breast MRI next week at MD Anderson to check on the ta-ta’s and breast specialist appointment the day after to go over the results.  And you know how much I enjoy those breast MRI’s. 

Had family over on Sunday.  Got to visit with everyone.  Grandson and Bill went out to do their man thing at the pit.  Shooting the 22 rifle at the target at the bottom of the pit is always a hit with the gang.  It’s fun here but really fun on 7 1/2 arces in Navasota.  There is a huge pond on the back part of the property that you can sit on the back porch and shoot into.  I like sitting shooting and drinking my wine all at one time.  There was a 8 point buck in the front by the fence between our property and the neighbors 15 acres, the turkeys are still roaming, and other wildlife are abundant.  It is so much fun and beautiful.

Football season is here and I am so excited.  Texans home games start September 15Th.  We renewed our season tickets and looking forward to seeing all our Director’s Club friends for a Super Bowl bound season!  We saw a few at the pre-season games and look forward each year for our football comradery.  I get a little carried away with the Texan jerseys, caps, stickers, and Jeep excessories but what the hell …keeps this old woman busy. 

I want to thank Chuck Guillot, carpenter extordinaire, for the beautiful job he did in Navasota on screening in the porch and making a ramp for us.  If anyone needs a talented Cajun dude to do any type of wood work, get with me and I’ll give you his number.  The furniture he makes is unbelievable.  I also want to thank my son Casey who is in Navasota as I write, to help with all the added electric work we needed and to build us an extra storage shed. 

So glad to be getting back to writing.  Had to take a few weeks off to show the house and get other things taken care of.  Keep great bloodwork results in your prayers.  Love to you all.  Have a safe week.


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