Life’s Little Annoyances

They insist on bugging me.  They know I totally dispise them.  They know I’d rather have a hairy spider drop in front of me from the unknown, on it’s silk thread, in front of my face.  They know that it creeps me out just to think about them.  So, why do snakes continue to put themselves in my path?  This time I’m walking up the sidewalk to Dusty’s house.  It wasn’t very long, I’d say about 8 inches.  But it was fat.  Short and fat and disgusting!  Have no idea what type it was but as the queen says in “Alice In Wonderland”….off with it’s head.  Little guy is even shorter now. 

Supervising seems to be a skill that most women take to early in life.  It mostly comes natural.  And, apparently we are damn good at it.  I believe men call it nagging.  But it gets things accomplished without too much bloodshed.  I go off happy and Bill and Dusty go off mumbling to themselves.  But we are making progress with the move.  Casey finished a storage shed for us on the Navasota property.  It is even equipped with lights and security camera.  One could thing about having a son who is an electrician and a carpenter.  So no excuses for Bill to go out to the shed to retrieve something for me and say it was too dark and he couldn’t find it.  Casey is also putting 2 huge fans on the screened porch.  I figure…if I design it as comfy as possible, when Bill and Dusty get on my nerves, they can head out to the “man cave porch”.   They can shoot guns off the sides.  They can watch football.  They have a fridge for their adult beverages, no bugs and fans blowing.  Torture…is it not?  I just thought I had lost my mind.  Bill and Dusty stole it!

I have a request on behalf of a friend.  There is a young lady fighting for her life in Austin, Tx.  She has stage 3c ovarian cancer.  Just like me.  She has battled it for a few years.  Just like me.  Now she is down to her last hope.  All the chemo and drugs that helped before are not working this time around.  There is a drug available called PARP inhibitor BMN 673 made by the company BioMarin.  But it is not FDA approved at this time.  BioMarin says it considers desperate cases but has not acted on this one.  However, there is a petition that can be signed in her behalf.  Please write to Change Org. at 216 W. 104th St. #130, NYC, NY 10025.  Please help get this young lady another chance.

Getting ready for boob MRI on Wednesday.  I just love waking up to a IV full of nuke crap and lying face down with hooters hanging in a box.  So lady-like.  So praying for negative results with the ta-ta’s.  Lani is doing fine.  I appreciate everyone asking.  But we are both homesick for each other.  Hardly ever a day goes by that we do not have the phone tied up for an hour.  Sometimes several times a day.  Going on half a year now.  Hate to think of it in those terms but 6 months is an eternity.  She loves her job and hopes to get back here to visit soon. 

Have a blessed week my friends.  Hugs to you all.

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