Husband for Sale!

There is no end to the things that Bill gets into, does, ruins, etc.  He has finally hit the all time clencher.  As most of you know we are selling our home in Fulshear.  We have to be ready to show it with short notice.  On Monday, we get a call early afternoon to show the house at 5:30.  Daughter-in-law Jennifer and grandson Braden were here visiting.  We were doing last minute counter wipes when all of a sudden from the kitchen comes the strongest smell of gasoline.  Jennifer and I ran to the kitchen and there, with no surprise, was Bill.  Standing over the sink with an empty Gatorade bottle.  He thought he was pouring the yardmens Gatorade out when actually it was the container they keep their gas in for the weedeater and blower.  I almost had a heart attack.  It took everything and everyone to hold me back.  How in the world were we going to get the smell out by 5:30?  Scared to lite candles at first, Jennifer tried baking soda, vinegar, limes, Mr. Clean with Gain and anything else we could get our hands on eliminate the odor.  In the meantime, Bill hurries outside before I start throwing more than just words at him.  Needless to say he has not heard the end of it.  Is it just me…or…. would anyone pour out old Gatorade in the sink?  Wouldn’t you pour it in the grass?  Especially when you don’t know what’s been around it. 

Neighbors Sandi and Marvin killed a 28″ long coral snake on Saturday.  They sent a photo..unbelievable!  I really believe it’s the one I saw last year about this time when I was leaving Magoo’s house.  It was the longest coral snake I had ever seen and it disappeared into the rubber tree by the patio while I was hunting down a weapon to decapitate it with.  All I saw was about 8″ of the tail section as it vanished.  But Sandi was the hero and chopped off it’s head.  Marvin was sleeping.  Why is it that men are never where you need them?  And when you don’t need them, which is most of the time, you are tripping over them. 

Bill and I had a wonderful time at the beautiful home of Gerald and Antia Smith last week at a Big Brother Big Sister get-together.  A small band, hors d’oeuvres, open bar, and friendship, all for a great cause.  Thank you to all the supporters who came.  My dad is certainly looking down with a big smile at the amazing program he founded 62 years ago.  The Big Black Tie Ball is this weekend.  Donations are always welcomed to help the kids who struggle with one parent.  Go BBBS!!!!

MRI was clear and breast exam turned up nothing.  So all clear on the ta-ta’s.  Next week is my 3 month check with the “Bev”.  Pelvic exam and blood work.  I’ll have to think of something to embarass Dr. Bevers.  It doesn’t take much.  He gets red so easy.  Please keep the prayers coming.  I always get a little nervous right before the blood work.

Hope everyone has a blessed week.  They’re Pistols and They’re Loaded!  is almost finished.  Book designer Shiloh, is putting finishing touches on it.  Then off to print.


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