Life is Great and Laugh at Stupidity

Have to begin with the update on the blood work and the exam.  CA125 was a 4.3.  That is awesome.  Last time it was a 4.6.  After a detailed probe by Dr. Bevers, I am also happy to say that he found nothing.  So I am good to go for another 3 months.  Of course, it will hit around the holidays so I’ll be a complete wreck at Christmas.  So…thank you so much to all of my prayer warriors for the powerful prayers that were sent.  God bless you all.

Bill and I are still showing the house.  Many lookers and several “come-backers”.  We lowered the price a little bit but since we did so well on the horse field sale we are not concerned.  The trips to Navasota are always fun.  We try to go several times a week.  Dusty has moved up there with his dogs until we sell here.  But, of course, gas is killing us.  Still have to build a horse barn but we are taking it a little at a time.  I guess the one good thing about a move is finally getting rid of all the crap one does not need and don’t know why you bought it in the first place.

I would like to thank the continious support from our neighbors who look after things for us when we have to vacate quickly in order to show the house.  Bernie and Ernie inform us when the realtor leaves so we can return and Marvin and Sandi take us in for mini sessions while we wait for lookers to leave.  It gets pretty tiresome just driving around for an hour or two at a time.  A special takes to the family for helping out with the dogs.  Jennifer, I’m sure you love having Starr’s nose prints and slobber all over your car!  Dusty, for the last minute calls we make to you to evacuate quickly.  And, Casey for gardening duty.  Linda and David, we miss our lunches and dinners with y’all.  Right about the time we set something up there has been a call to show.   It has been hard on us …I guess it’s the age, to juggle everything at one time.  The cancer, the house selling, the house buying, the port cleanings, the paperwork, the disagreements on certain decisions, and so on, really takes it to the limit sometimes.  So thank you to all for your patience and kindness.  My mom used to say, real friends don’t cause extra stress.  Karma will take care of losers.  She was so right.

Bill and Starr have learned the routine pretty well.  They stay out of my way.  When I’m on a mission…I’M ON A MISSION!  Lani calls every day to see if I have disposed of either Bill or Dusty yet.  One day, I had them on a written orders routine.  And I might add, written in order that they were to be done.  The next thing I know they are discussing how they can complete several at one time to make the list go away faster.  Wrong….I just started adding to it.  Poor Dusty winds up doing the physical labor and Bill drinks a beer and supervises.  Casey had the bushes duty.  He used his head.  He tied the bushes to his truck and pulled them out rather than using the shovel.  I was impressed.  The last I saw they were chasing hornets.  Or should I say the hornets were chasing them.

Will update when I get a few minutes to sit.  Many funny things have occured and I think you will enjoy the stories.  So, take care till next time and again thanks for the prayers.  They work.




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