Doggy Tricks

Intense—-1) extreme in a way that can be felt. 2) involvng great effort or activity.

Well, that word intense defines our life right now.  Bill and I have good news.  We accepted a bid on our home and signed a contract.  Hopefully, all will go well and we will hand over the keys of our loving home to this wonderful young couple and their two eager kiddos.

In the meantime we are adding things to our home in Navasota.  Had an electrician out on Saturday to add extra outlets to the front and back porches.  We also added flood lights to the property.  It is really coming along and with any luck we will be in by the holidays.  It wil be exciting to start a new Holiday tradition in Navasota.  We did give many decorations to Good Will, where I hope others enjoy them as well.  Moving is a good way to clean house and there are only a few things that my parents passed on to me that I would like to pass on to the kids one day.  Some of the old sentimental stuff had to go.  Only because it was falling apart. And as much as I hated and even cried, when packing them up and throwing them away, it was time to go to “treasured items heaven”.

We have been so disappointed in the Houston Texans this year.  After several losses it takes all you have to get ready to go to the games.  With our continued losing streak the only thing that gets us to the stadium is our wonderful friends that we meet there and party with.  The stadium was practically empty after the third quarter.  It was really humiliating.  one guy in the Director’s Club where we are got arrested for throwing a beer bottle in frustration.

Bill and starr have succeeded in pulling off the most “3 Stooges” caper I have witnessed in quite a while.  Bill let Starr out the back porch in Navasota.  He failed to look at the side gates to notice that they were both open.  Starr, of course is under the impression that she can go whereevr she wants unless there is a fence or gate to stop her.  You know, baricades for her safety.  Bill is the human adult here, I think.  Dogs don’t get lost. So after she’s been out for a while he is calling her back in.  Now remember, when he calls …it’s loud because he can’t hear how loud he is talking.  The weather satelite in space is woundering who the hell Starr is.  Bill can’t find her.  He’s paniced thinking she has escaped out in the woods.  Now, I’m in the house where I can see out all the windows and know where everyone and everything is at all times.  Not to mention the security cameras show it all.  So for a good ten minutes I watch Starr and Bill circle the house looking for one another.  Starr is saying I’m right here and Bill is screaming his head off.  So Starr walks to the front door and I give her a treat.  A few minutes later a disgusted Bill walks in the back door and sees Starr.  He preceeds to give me the third degree like it’s my fault… while I am dying laughing.  Watching them go in circles was very amusing, not to mention I spared them a YouTube showing.

It flies at a sneaky speed.  It’s almost invisible until it strikes.  And for me and million of others the stakes are high.  It’s mosquitoes!  one small bite and I welt up, itch for days, and look like I have some dread disease.  I look like one big red dot.  And they love me.  So I am walking to my Jeep and minding my own business.  I saw it coming.  Proboscis like a needle, flying googles worn by Amelia Earhart, the Red Baron’s scarf, and combat boots on all feet.  Blood donor in sight.  I could just hear it thinking…what’s for dinner today?  Type A, B, O, positive or negitive?  Well, I guess tohight , it’s O+!  People stare at you.  What happened?  Poison Ivy?  No, a f_ _ _ ing mosquito.  Thank goodness we screened the porch in at Navasota.  I can watch them punch their faces in when they hit the screen.  Much to my delight.

So, staying busy and counting down to our move.  Please spread the word that I am not e-mailing blog notices until I can get my Word Press fixed so that your e-mail does not go out to all when I send it.  I will remind everyone on Facebook and this website.  Still waiting to see final copy of the new book…then off to the printers.

Have a blessed week.
Ride, Baby, Ride!

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