Falling into Autumn

So much to talk about today.  As you know, we have been going crazy with all the “to-do’s” around here.  I’ll begin by saying it has been made even harder with Bill’s lack of hearing.  So this morning he is visiting the ENT to have his ears checked, wax removed and anything else the doctor decides to do with his “listeners”.  I love going out on errands because I get to talk to someone without looking like a lost circus mime.  We were in Navasota yesterday morning to meet the electrician and Bill had the TV so loud for the Dallas Cowboy game.  Every time he would go outside to talk to the workers Dusty and I would turn the volume down to give our ears a rest.

Last week I forfilled a promise to Lani.  In South Carolina they do not have Dell Dixie pickles.  Heaven forbid.  So Lani is going berserk for Dell Dixie pickles.  So being the good mom that I am.  I bought the huge jar of dill pickles and mailed them to Lani.  Unfortunatly Bill went to the post office with me and almost didn’t make it out due to the heart attack he almost had when finding out that mailing a $4.00 jar of pickles cost $27.35.  I thought the mail lady and I were going to have to administer CPR.  It was hysterical. 

Next stop was Kroger to get our flu shots from pharmacist Steve.  Steve H. gives the best flu shot ever.  But on our way I got pulled over by a state trooper.  Speeding.  Too fast in a 35 zone.  He never did tell me how fast I was going.  Like a good citizen I pulled over right away.  Turned off the Jeep. And had my ID ready.  Then I remembered I had to also show him the concealed handgun license.  He asked me all kinds of questions about my gun…some of which I had no clue.  He asked me where it was.  I said under my seat.  I asked him if he wanted to see it.  He immediately said no.  Ran my license and returned to the car with a warning ticket.  I guess he thought don’t mess with the ole lady… with a husband that can’t hear and her gun.   Then he said where are you headed?  Almost like he’d be going in the opposite direction of where we were.  I said to get our flu shots.  He said… well go get them at 35 mph.  Yes sir!

The house has been inspected by the buyers.  Everything seems to be in order except looking for some kind of permit for the septic.  Of which we could care less.  It has worked just fine all the years and stirring up septic poo-poo is not what we want to get into.  So we hired our own inspector.  Oh well, we’ll see.  The Navasota house is really coming along.  I can’t wait till we can focus our full attention to it.  I have enjoyed spending some mother/son time with Dusty.  Even if it’s him on Facebook and me trying to talk to him.  Sons are so different than daughters.  Their idea of unconditional love is so out in left field.  Lani and I would sneak out and go shopping or go get chinese food.  Boys are happy with hi mom, love you.  Bye.  but at least it is time that I know that he is sitting in the room with me and I can see, hear, and talk to him.  Casey, is much the same as Dusty.  Hi, bye, and see you soon…love you.  Such is life.   

Enjoying the cooler weather and all that comes with it.  Getting out fall and winter clothes and giving half of them away.  Since we will be taking almost nothing but basics to Navasota.  No point in moving them and then throwing them out.  I also wanted to thank BBBS for the great lunch at Minute Maid Park and to MD Anderson for the great reception for cancer donaters at the River Oaks Country Club.  Our community is so blessed to have such wonderful caring people to give of their time and money.  God bless you all.


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