When Life Gets Tough

I had the pleasure of meeting a new pastor yesterday at our church.  His sermon was very much appreciated by this tired soul. I actually went to hear the names called at the “All Saints” service.  All of those members who went to be in the next spiritual level with our Lord.  When they called daddy’s name, I wasn’t sad.  I was happy that he is now with Jesus.  It reminded me of a Bible story my dad used to tell me when I was little.  The story of Joseph.  And how Joseph must have felt when his brothers sold him into slavery to the Egyptians.  How lonely and deserted his heart had to be.  The story left me with a new energy to deal with all the things happenning in our lives right now.  My life has not been without trials and disappointment but I have never been up there with poor Joseph at that point in his life.  So, uplifted in love and prayer I drove home ready to start a new week and deal with moving again.  Knowing that God’s love endures, I was even ready to tackle Bill’s hearing, Dusty’s moods, selling the house headaches, and traveling back and forth to Navasota.  Thank you Lord for giving us wine! Amen.

Bill and I are getting quotes to move.  I can’t believe it has become so expensive.  Gad…we need to start a moving business.  So we figure we will move out with what we can and leave the big stuff to them.  Then there is the issue of having a moving sale.  Can probably get rid of a bunch of crap!  Oh, I mean, really nice stuff that someone else would cherish.  Well, as they say, one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.  I remember one sale my mom and I had together.  We put some stuff out with the trash for the garbage men to pick up and someone stopped by and took several things.  We laughed about that for years.

Enjoying the cooler weather and some needed rain.  Now if I could just find the tote in storage that has my winter clothes in it.  I need my sweat pants.  Bill was looking for his work boots.  I think I gave them to Good Will.  So I have to run to Academy and buy some new ones.  I told him they were around here somewhere.  Kinda like several other things he is looking for.  I figure, out of sight …out of mind.  I just change the subject everytime it comes up.  Whether he hears me or not is debatable.  Wonder what I could get for the golf clubs he never uses.  No, that would be pushing it.  Hmmmmm.

New book at printers.  So excited.  Have a great week.  Hugs!


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