Creepiest Place on the Planet

There are many advantages and disadvantages about moving.  The plus column has, among others, the great joy of throwing out stuff you don’t need.  And really, how it fell in your possession in the first place.  Down-sizing is  a good thing..UNTIL…you get to the place where no man dares to travel.  The place where the boogeyman dwells.  The place where  things that go bump in the night hide.  The tunnel that leads to the next dimension in the twilight zone.  UNDER THE BED!!!!  OMG!  Don’t even attempt if you have an allergy to dust.  If you are scared of crawly critters or if you can’t stand the sight of where the dog decided to throw up 4 months ago.  The under the bed world in this house was the home to 3 pair of shoes that I had forgotten about.  They were so far up the bed’s ass that they were the last thing I found.  A wood burning kit that I got for my birthday in 1957.  A photo album dating back to the time of the caveman, the Christmas sock that I thought the washing machine had swallowed about 3 Christmas’ ago and that I threw the other one away thinking it had gone to sock heaven.  All in all, a productive morning.  The next challenge was under the bathroom sinks.  Also a place of no return.  Let’s put it this way…I found a box of tampons hidden in the back.  I haven’t had the pleasure of using those since 1993.  Oh well,  on to the next adventure.

Over in dad’s old place I ran across his WWII combat boots.  The ones he tried so hard to give away when he was still with us.  I remember as a kid, following him when he had those boots on.  Stepping in the footprint that he made in the dirt.  Thinking I’ll never fill those footprints.  It just feels so funny looking at those empty boots but thinking that I still have a long way to go to fill them.  Love is..remembering the good times.

Going back and forth just about everyday to Navasota with a load of totes.  We are getting there.  Dusty is still trying to get his car fixed or trying to talk his dad into buying him a new one.  So we have not had his help for a week.  We are having french doors put in where the sliding glass door is.  I coud not see where the movers could get the big tables in with the small opening of the sliding door.  But the movers come on Nov. 18th and that will be it.  Really looking forward to the 19th!

Getting my port cleaned on Friday and will be ready to tackle the world again on Saturday.  We will be having a big moving sale on Nov. 16th.  If you are in the area  come by and don’t leave without buying something.  Blessings my friends.


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