The Cheerio Trail

It has been passed down for centuries that when you feel like you might get lost or you are lost, you leave a trail for someone to find you.  Not that Bill stays lost but he leaves a trail of Cheerio’s where ever he goes.  From 6 AM to about 8 PM if I need to find Bill I look for Cheerio droppings.  His morning cup of cereal, his mid morning snack, his afternoon hand dip in the jar, or his bedtime mouth stuffing….I know where he has been, where he was going, and his return route.  And the funny thing about it is Starr (our black lab) doesn’t like them.  So Bill is busted every time.  This morning I smelt something burning.  I went to the kitchen and Bill was making a slice of toast.  The toast popped up burnt.  With a Cheerio stuck to it’s side partically on fire.  The man even managed to drop a Cheerio in the toaster while making toast and at the same time turned the “how dark” knob to scorch.  By the way …the smoke alarms work!

I was so excited to meet up with a old friend of mine who brought her daughter in from Tennessee for a visit.  Jane used to swim with me at Lakeside Country Club and at the Dad’s Club where she married our coach Bob Walker.  We got to visit for about an hour and her daughter Susan and step daughter Connie took pictures and did some wonderful reminiscing about the good ole days.  So to all the Texas swimmers who read the blog, Janie Walker sends her love.

Not much to add on the moving update.  We just go back and forth.  In and out.  Up and down.  Backwards and forwards.  And I am ready for it all to end and get settled.  I’m so shocked that Bill and I haven’t killed each other yet.  I guess… just been too busy to mess with a disagreement.  And of course wine does help.  So, moving sale Saturday.  Texan game on Sunday.  And movers on Monday.  I can’t wait!!!!!

“They’re Pistols and They’re Loaded” was printer delayed due to adding extra pictures.  But we are getting there.  It won’t be long now.  I am looking forward to writing book three in Navasota.  It will be a different type of book and a real challenge for me.   My sidekick, Lani, will be in on the 29TH.  And I have made some secret plans for her.  I can’t believe she has been gone since April.  I have missed her more than she will ever know.  You mom’s out there know how that goes. 

Have a wonderful week.  Prayers and hugs sent out to those who need them.

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