The Eagle Has Landed

We are finally here.  Our beautiful property is ready for us permanently.  We are getting used to the different facets of Mother Nature surrounding the casa.  Learning what goes bump in the night…usually a critter of some kind and praying that we are not on top of an old indian burial ground.  Seems there were several different tribes around this area back when.  We are tote and boxed out.  Everytime I see one I pray that it is empty.  Needless to say, wine consumption is at an all time high.  With the rain and cold weather upon us, it pushed us to get things done.  Hurry, so we don’t have to do that tomorrow.  Plenty of time to go through and throw out because you couldn’t go outside.  Anyway,  progress is being made.  Must have everything ready for Lani’s arrival on Friday.  We will have our Thanksgiving late.  But that’s OK.  I figure God doesn’t care what day we give thanks.  And shouldn’t we be doing that everyday anyway?

Casey has been over to help run electrical wires.  We have added flood lights and other additions to the property.  It’s looking great.  My little electrician is amazing. So, we are giving the hacinda a facelift and enjoying every minute of it.  Especially the sounds of the trains.

Of course we have the family shoot out down at the pond. It is so much fun.  I hope someone shot that 6 foot water snake that our friend saw a couple of weeks ago.  It would have thrilled me to death to see body parts floating…like tail, head, etc.  Otherwise, the air smells fresher and the sandy soil is so nice.  Hardly any mud.  I just looked out the window and it is sleeting/snowing here.  It is beautiful.  I’ll put a pic on Facebook.

Bill has managed not to drive me “totally” berserk.  After his “driving us all nuts” performance during the move, Braden, Jennifer, Dusty, the dogs, and me have decided that the next move, God forbid, he will be left behind.  I figure, put him in a hanging clothes bag and drop him off at Goodwill. 

I will get back to the regular blog soon.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Peace and love to you and your families.



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