All settled in….well, Almost!

So sorry that it has been a while for me to check in.  Lots of things going on.  Bill and I got settled in Navasota and love it.  So peaceful and quiet.  No traffic and Mother Nature all around you.  The train whistles put us to sleep and wake us up to a new day.  Bill and I both had Grandfathers that worked for the railroad.  I’ve mentioned it before but Bill’s worked for B&O and mine for Southern Pacific.  We both remember spending time at the train stations as our working grandpa’s did their thing.  I always loved sleeping on the train.  Now, the sound of the whistle and the sound of the engines bring back the thoughts of the “good old days”. 

We do have a bit of sad news.  Dusty had to put down his little Boston Terrier, Rufus.  Rufus was 14 and had a wonderful life.  But he became very uncomfortable and was in pain.  His brother Chico and sister Starr miss him.  Bill and I enjoyed having his little “pug nosed” face around.  But Rufus had always wondered what had happened to Michele and missed her so much.  Michele got him as a puppy and upon her death, Rufus was lost.  So now he’s with his mom and enjoying heaven.  Interesting, almost a year since we lost Michele. 

The move has been a challenge to say the least.  Old people should never have to move.  But it was, as many say, worth it just to clean out 14 years of crap.  Our pastor here in Navasota, Dr. Max Brand says that “everyone should move every 4 years, then you wouldn’t have much to move”.  I think he has the right idea.  Max came by while Lani was in from South Carolina and we had a nice visit. 

Thanksgiving was wonderful and we are looking forward to our first Christmas in Navasota.  Our tree is up and we are in the process of putting the reefs up.  Our solar gate is finally operational…thank goodness.  I’m still spoiled as far as getting out of the Jeep to open the gate.  So now we are back to the remote.  It’s just one of those things a city girl needs.  Kinda like an occasional trip to Macy’s, you know, just to air out the wallet.  Which, Lani and I made sure to do while she was in town.  We made all of her doctor appts., teeth cleaning, OB Gyn, etc.  Of course it is never a bother to see our good looking dentist, Dr. Kaestner, and OB guy, Dr. Cook.  Then we went to my friend Velma’s house to view her Christmas clothing show.  So $300.00 later we head for Macy’s to finish off the damage.  Got some really cute things and some great deals on gifts.  Then we headed to the Alley theater for our annual mom/daughter outing to see “A Christmas Carol”.  We dined at Birraporetti’s before the show and then headed home right after the performance to get home by 1 AM.  A full day.  And one that meant so much to me.  I really miss Lani.

I wish I had a dime for everytime I have to repeat something for Bill.  Now I’m battling the ear muffs.  It has been really cold here.  We even got sleet and a little snow one day.  Hard to believe that an hour and a half away from Houston could make that much of a difference.  But I’m sure the hills have lots to do with it.  It’s really cool though to hear the wind blow through the piney woods.  We have a beautiful sounding wind chime that we bought at Hallmark store that makes the most incredible sound.  Some days, just the way the sun filters through the trees, is a beautiful sight. 

I have had Casey and Bill going through the sheds.  Disposing of everything that takes up any space.  I just leave casey a “to do” list and it gets done.  I am constently looking for Bill, who seems to get side tracked quite often.  I guess when I start something…I have to finish.  He starts something and it stays that way for days.  Oh well, be nice Leilani, ’tis the season.  Ho ho ho!

Have a great rest of the week and weekend.  “They’re Pistols and They’re Loaded” is at printers.  I had to delay things because of the move.  So I’ll be in touch with dates.


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