The Little Annoyances

Getting settled in a new place comes with it’s “things” that drive one nuts.  Something as simple as going to the grocery store becomes frustrating.  I shopped in basically three places while living in Fulshear.  Kroger, Walmart, and HEB.  Each store, over the years, you learn the locations of everything you like.  No GPS needed after 14 loyal years.  I now shop at the HEB in College Station.  The first four times were a challenge to learn the format of the store.  And things that the store in Katy carried that this one in Aggie country does not.  It used to take me no time at all to get in and out.  Now I’m wandering around from one side of the store to the other.  They didn’t carry blue shoe polish for my LL Bean leather shoes, no sit down area to rest and enjoy a snack and cold drink, and the produce dept. does not carry the frozen box with all the different types of fresh frozen peas and beans in it.  There are just certain things that have to be addressed.

Lowe’s is across the street.  We have spent a small fortune in there.  Thank goodness all Lowe’s are set up the same.  Purchasing everything from solar lights, propane outdoor heaters, electrical wire to Christmas gift cards.  Casey bought all the material to build an awesome dog house, camo colored with shingle roof and porch.  It should be in the next edition of Dog House Magazine.  It takes about 20 minutes to get there…which is nothing compared to the 40 minutes it was taking us to get from Fulshear to the one in Katy, thanks to all the traffic and road construction now building up around the Fulshear area.

Bill and I are getting ready for family and friends and a beautiful first Christmas in our new home.  All the Christmas decorations are out…well, at least the ones I have stumbled across in getting things out of storage.  Still looking for our amazing Nativity Scene.  I’m sure it’s in the storage in Fulshear.  Headed that way soon to retrieve it.  The back porch is ready for company.  Complete with heat lamps, coffee table, fridge, bar and TV. 

So, Bill and I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.  Hope your dreams come true and God grants you good health.  We will be waiting to hear from you all.


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