The Real Rural Life

We just thought Fulshear was in the country.  Now, we are trying to get used to howling critters.  Letting Starr out at night is a real adventure.  Boots and rifle in tow, ready to take on the elements.  Casey has been painting the casa.  It is starting to get the “warm” feeling.  That special AHH that you get when you walk in a loving home.  It is amazing what a little contrast in colors can do.  Now, I need to get used to a bunch of small walk-in closets instead of large ones.  I’m not used to when putting my bra on and getting pieces of Bill’s clothing caught in the clasps.  If I turn around the other way I get a hand full of my clothes.  My mother would cringe at the thought of “bra putting on” interference.

Bill has been enjoying the football playoffs.  I have been busy getting aquainted with my new church.  I have volunteered to help with the weekly bulletin.  Max told me to be creative.  Does that mean I have to keep it clean too?  (Dr. Max Brand is the church pastor and if you remember also our real-estate dude).  I am also taking the study course to become a member of New Hope Church.  Baptized as Presbyterian I was  hoping to pass the dunking part… but no sprinkles for this church.  I will let you know when I get submerged….oh, the term is immersion.  And what does one wear to a immersion?  Wet suit and snorkle? 

We miss all of our Fulshear friends.  We stop by on occasion to check in on the horses which our son Dusty is nice enough to feed daily.  Usually we get to visit with a couple of the neighbors while there.  The couple that bought our house invited us in the other day and I am so excited for the love that they have put into the home.  It looks beautiful.  Their two young children are just what that property needed.  It brings joy to the heart.  Please send a prayer out to our neighbors Marvin and Sandi who’s daughter is hospitalized.  Speedy recovery to her.

Several things coming up.  Bill and I are trying to get all the annual doctor appts. out of the way.  Meetings with our financial advisor, church bulletin day with pastor’s wife Shelia, CT scan, and lunch with good friend Ron, President of Big Brother Big Sister in Houston area.  Next week eye doctor and Bill’s prostate guy.  Still need to fit in our cardio cutie..Dr. Odhav.  And we are still going through boxes and trying to empty the last storage unit.  I told Bill we should call that show that just buys the whole damn thing for an amount and get rid of the crap.  Sad part is, I haven’t missed anything.  Who knows what’s in them.

Leaving you with a quote I saw somewhere…might be Facebook.  “Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly about you no one would believe them”.  


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