Power of Prayer

I cannot thank everyone enough for all the prayers you sent my way.  After extensive abuse at MD Anderson….and by that I mean the violation of my rear end with the dreaded contrast enema, oral contrast via a Sprite Zero, an IV contrast, bloodwork and a chest x-ray, I headed home to a nice bottle of Merlot.  I was blessed with great blood work last week but still was hesitant to see results of the CT scan.  I’ve learned over the years just to except the good with the bad.  As time wears on, I do not dread the anticipation of the results.  I have complete faith in what God has chosen for me.  He does work in crazy ways, just look at my story.  But as they say… all trust must be in Him for everything.  And it really works.  The bad just makes you stronger.  Life is just that way.  Next blood work in April.  Although I have a major pay back for Dr. Bevers for the enema.

Getting ready for football withdrawal.  Bill will go through his no ” crotch scratching, beer drinking, potato chipping meals, and idle remote.  Heaven forbid a whole 6-7 months of no “Sunday Ticket”.  But I have to admit, I will miss it too.  I am a big football fan and not much on basketball.  Baseball can get so boring and the Winter Olympics in Russia seem to be getting down to when the terrorists are going to strike and in which way.  Really sad for all the amazingly gifted athletes.  As a former swimmer I remember how hard I worked to be just Texas state champ in breaststroke.  Much less the sacrifices made to get to the olympics.  Only to have a bunch of jack asses ruin it for everyone.

I have been thinking of my mom and dad quite a lot lately.  I guess going through boxes and boxes of pics and personal stuff has leaked into the subconsciousness and taking it’s toll.  But in a good way.  Just can’t believe they are gone.  But how lucky I was to have them as long as I did.  Mom passed in 1997 at the age of 81.  And of course I lost daddy last year at age 62.  Reflections of summer vacations, family parties, movies of all the holidays through the years.  Daddy was always sneaking up with his 8 mm camera.  And God love him…always taking pictures of the ladies legs.  Which everyone of them showed off.  Amazing what a little scotch will do!  One picture was of us going to Ft. Worth to the hospital to see my grandfather who had a stroke.  I was probably all of 5.  But I remember him being in a baby bed.  Of course it really wasn’t, it was just my five year old mind thinking a bed with side bars was a crib. Last night I woke up about 2 AM and could have sworn I heard mom’s voice.  I just chalked it up to her saying hello and that she is fine in the spiritual world.  Must be letting me know she loves the new house and would love to paint it.  She was so good with country scenery. 

Off tomorrow for Bill’s prostate adventure.  His yearly check up.  I really don’t think he minds.  Dr. Selzman nursing staff are all attractive and every man’s dream to have them handle the equipment, preping them for the doctor.  I find it very entertaining.  I don’t even take a book to read.  I’ll just be taking notes so I can blog about it next week.  I am also  looking forward to our eye exams.  I really need to have my glasses changed.  Distance doesn’t seem to be to much of a problem but reading needs some help.  And then port cleaned this Friday.

Casey has been doing a great job on the house.  Getting things real homey.  Beautiful painting, electric work, creating flower-beds, and building ramps and decks.  Looking good!  Can’t wait till we are all completely settled.  Then I probably won’t know what to do with myself.  Remember…no football.  Looks like back to my old side kicks…Nora Roberts, James Patterson, and Sandra Brown.  They never leave me bored.

An invitation if you are in the Navasota area.  If you are looking for a community church, casual, Christian band, and a wonderful pastor…Dr. Max Brand…Come check out the New Hope Church.  I have been blessed to find it.  Well, actually…it found me.  God and His funny ways of getting things across to ya…. it was like getting hit by a brick.  Anyway, come check it out if you are around this area.

Have a blessed week.  And say a prayer for those who need our support.  Have to go supervise Casey now.  Hey, a mom’s right to bug their children…no matter how old.


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