Cardinal Invasion

I know the angels are at work.  Both moms, Bill’s and mine, loved cardinals.  In Fulshear we had a family that reproduced every year. Beautiful and petite with huge appetites.   Saw them all day long at our back patio feeder and would definitely let you know if the seed was running low.  Navasota has a different type of cardinal.  They travel in flocks.  There are at least 20-30 here at one time.  They are huge.  But they come everyday…even in the sleet and snow.  We have been introduced to the “redneck” cardinals.  (literally rednecked)!  It is incredible to see about ten males sitting together in the trees watching the females and youngsters feed.  Then after a certain amount of time…join them.  There seems to be two that sit back and observe.  Must be the security team.  We also have four of the fattest squirrel family on the planet.  I give them corn cobs and laugh at how quickly they spot them and haul them off.  My friend Linda says both cardinals and squirrels must be on steriods.  Personally, I think they all eat meat like the rest of the critters and work out at the gym.  Starr took one look at one of the squirrels and turned around looking at me like “are you kidding”?  So far we have spotted, red bellied woodpeckers, pileated woodpeckers (looks like Woody), wrens, warblers (beautiful yellow), crows as big as ducks, cardinals, blue jays, some type of bluebird, the tufted titmouse, chickadees, sparrows (although not many…not like Fulshear), and a blue heron which seems to like our pond.   All kinds of hawks and we hear the owls but haven’t seen one yet.  I’m scared.  If we are using the same growth scale as the other birds…they’re probably as big as my Jeep!

With all test coming back so good and the move pretty much in the rear view mirror…we have decided to get away to Vegas for a couple of days to make our Super Bowl bets.  Sons Casey and Dusty are in charge of dogs and horses.  Casey is staying at the house to sit for a few days.  He is finishing up on painting and building us a front ramp and deck.  Slipping in his fishing at the pond and a little hunting right in your own backyard,  had NOTHING to do with his decision to move in for a few days.  And a mom does have her way of bribing a child.

I would like to thank Linda and David for a favorite bottle of Merlot and BD card.  We had lunch with them yesterday at the Brick House Tavern.  Great food and wonderful company.  I would also ask for continued prayers for several people on my prayer list.  My brother D…trying to find out what is wrong with his blood, my friend Steve (back surgery recovery, leg pain), and relatives friends of friends who need our support.  May God touch all your lives in a helping and positive way.

Received the proof to “They’re Pistols and They’re Loaded”.  I think everyone is going to enjoy it.  Need to get my website dude busy so he can add it to this one.

Ride,Baby,Ride! and stay “LOADED”!  (“Pistols” that is)


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