God and Nature

Well, it’s been two weeks.  Lots going on…so I waited until all was over to sit down with my thoughts.  First, and foremost, I was baptized for the third time.  First two times by sprinkles.  Dr. Charlie Shedd, my pastor as a child, baptized me twice.  Once when my parents decided to join the church (the whole family was sprinkled), and the second time when I was confirmed at age twelve.  The church could not find record of the first one.  This time I was dunked by Dr. Max Brand.  It was a wonderful experience.  I guess as a child it means something to you but you don’t feel the power behind it as you do as an adult.  An entergized feeling of faith and love.  Inspired in a “new way”, and soaking wet, I left church Sunday morning a revised Christian.  Actually, the baptismal hot tub, is quite a contraption.  It is long and narrow.  Steps to enter and get out.  A bench to sit on and room for the pastor to immerse you.  You will be proud of me…out of the four of us that were submerged, I was the only one that didn’t hold my nose.  Swimming background came in handy.  God calls and I’m prepared not to take in water.

The other miracle is it landed Bill in church twice in one day.  Once for the service and later that evening for the Valentine’s dinner.    God saw to it that the roof of the church did not cave in as He watched in shock of Bill’s arrivals.  Bill loves the lay back cowboy-country church which allows him to wear jeans,consume coffee and eat donuts throughout the service.  It is God’s House and Pastor Max makes sure it feels like God’s Home. 

We have managed to make it through most of our annual check ups.  Visited Dr. Adam Czelusta, dermatologist, yesterday.  Had a few places frozen on both of us.  Nothing major.  Appointment with Cardio dude, Dr.Odhav on Friday.  All well there also.  Finished all my cancer check ups with flying colors too.  So, now we await the ole “penis scope” tomorrow to check Bill’s prostate.  Always a fun time!

Still getting used to critter sounds and antics.  Chico was barking so we let him out and he took off toward the front gate.  Have no clue what it was but if it out ran Chico it’s pretty fast.  The mammoth squirrels love their corn on the cob.  But they don’t sit and it eat….they haul it off  to squirrel land.  Squirrel land is one of the thirty squirrel nest we can see in the towering pines.  Big difference between the city squirrels and the redneck country ones.  At 2:30 AM, Starr decides she needs to go outside.  Since Casey has not finished the doggy door, we have to get up to let her out.  Last night was my turn.  As I open the door I hear the hooting, howling, screeching noise of owls.  Lots of owls.  It sounded like the entire owl population of Navasota was in heat!  OMG…Starr came right back in…I jumped in bed and covered my head.  I guess come spring we will have lots of “little hooters” flying around.  Can’t wait. 🙄

There are God-like moments everyday and those are the ones I treasure.  Like Saturday when a daddy cardinal flew onto the screen porch and couldn’t get out.  He sat on the porch rail and let me pick him up and set him down outside the door railing.  Looked at me and flew off.  Did not try to bite and was not shaking.  Very calm and collected.  He must know that I am the hand that feds him and the “fat ass” squirrels.  Bill went outside…came back in to get me…and on the fence posts were two huge turkey vultures.  Bill is wondering why they are sitting on our fence.   My guess one of the obese squirrels had some type of massaive cardiovascular problem. 

So, as I sail into the 10 o’clock hour…I would like to wish friends who have birthdays in February …Happy Birthday!!!!  And to Lani, Casey, and Braden big birthday hugs.  The month of February, as you can see, gets expensive!  And to my friend Carrie Garwick and the entire Garwick family, I want to send a big hug on the loss of your mother, Kate.  And to the Dorflinger family on the loss of their mother, Phyliss.  No more pain and lots of beautiful spirits to greet them.  

Have a blessed week.
Ride,Baby,Ride! and Load the Pistols!


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