Smoke Alarm Woes

Wrote this yesterday while sitting outside on the screen porch.  Glass of wine in hand and lots of peace and quiet except for an occational sound of a gunshot in the back woods.  Ahhh, the Navasota life.

I’ve had Casey and Dusty to help us this weekend to clean flowerbeds, plant new shrubs, and working on a fence.  Still trying to get the back porch looking good.  By the time Iget everything the way I want it, Casey starts piling up his equipment to keep it dry.  He has expensive saws, drills, compressors, etc.   As I am enjoying my vino… I have come up with a solution.  Since the dogs are so spoiled and don’t use their $300.00 dog house, the size that even Bigfoot would be comfortable in, I have decided to have him haul all his stuff in there.  Out of sight…out of mind.  And staying out of the weather.

Bill and I are glad it turned a little warmer.  As we were enjoying the beautiful fire in the fireplace, sipping our cocktails and watching Ghost Adventures, the smoke alarm goes off.  It doesn’t just go off… it scared us both to the point of no return.  It was so loud.  Chico started barking and Starr started running toward the door.  The neighbors aren’t even close by and heard it.  So here I was on a ladder trying to dismantle this stupid thing…wasn’t about to let Bill on the ladder….no ER tonight… pulling, tugging,cussing, trying to disconnect.  Just trying to pull the battery out took an act of congress.  Finally, the battery went flying out and yes, landed in my wine glass.  Much to amusement of Bill.  So when he got up to go to the bathroom, somehow that battery flew out of my glass into his Crown on the rocks.  Must have been one of the ghost from the TV show.

We are finally getting the pond filled in.  One of the members of our church is in that business and has agreed to take the job.  I only pray it takes care of that 6 ft. snake that was seen going into it a couple of months ago.  Gross!  Then, back in the brush, there is a rats nest.  The “pond dude” will take care of that too.  Can’t imagine running into one of those.  I need those hawks and owls to go to work.

Still waiting on the book shipment.  But arrival time is getting close.  Hope everyone has a great week.

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