After the Dust Settles

Wow…everything happening at once.  The old saying “when it rains it pours”, is so true.  Today we have brush being cleared, grass seed for horses being planted, new book being delivered and Casey working on the front decking.  Hopefully by April we will have our horses here with us, the house looking magnificent, and Bill and I still holding on to our wits.  We were saddened to have to cancel our trip to Kentucky to be with friends (Linda and David’s high school reunion) and see Frankie Avalon perform.  We didn’t expect to spend so much on the seeding of the pasture area.  But poop happens and first things first.

Have you ever used a Shop-Vac?  Will I had the shock of my life while doing a little spring cleaning.  Not shock like electrocuted but shock like “what the hell just happened”?  Performing the seasonal ash removal from fireplace, I decided to use the Shop-Vac instead of the regular vac.  BIG MISTAKE 😥   I turned it on.  Stuck the suction in  the middle of all the ashes and the entire room was destroyed!  Ashes were everywhere.  As for me, I looked like “PigPen” in the Peanuts cartoon.  I had my own private dust ball following me around.  Huge eruption of volcano magnitude.  It looked like Mount St. Helens threw up in the den.  So for those of you who have no clue about the operation of a Shop-Vac…..the hole in the top lets air out.  The hole in the top blows air out at 100MPH.  Just saying!

Have you ever tried to be really quiet as to not awaken the household?  When you want to be quiet ,you can’t, and when you don’t care if your quiet or not, you are.  Well, it’s a disaster.  Bill and Starr were both taking their power naps and I was trying to be so quiet.  What happens? Everything falls, drops, makes noise, and I trip on nothing carrying a plate of chopped onions.  A bull in a china shop…maybe.  More like a train wreck!  When they are asleep I could ride down the hall on a bulldozer and not make a sound like I did.  Oh well, end of nap.

And, as I mentioned, waiting on pins and needles for the frieght company to get here with the pallet of  “They’re Pistols”.  Lani asked me to call her when they hit the front door.  Don’t forget to spread the word.  As with Ride,Baby,Ride!, a portion of the book is donated to the Leilani Essary Hurles Ovarian Cancer Research Fund at MD Anderson.  Only $19.95 per book.  Let’s defeat ovarian cancer and all the rest of the cancer family.


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