Turkey Invasion

We just spent a small fortune seeding our horsefield.  Yesterday, I looked out the kitchen window and there were about 100 turkeys.  100 turkeys eating the seed we had just planted for grass for the horses.  100 turkeys which we could not shoot because they are not in season.  100 turkeys that on trying to run them off ..you had to step in their poop.  So, I sent Bill out with his shotgun to fire in the air to hopefully scare them enough to go back from where they came from.  Bill is out in the cold, rainy, windy elements shooting in the air and cussing at our future Thanksgiving dinner.  I must say “PRICELESS!”   We found out they are from the game reserve at the end of our street and are not afraid of us or anything we can shoot or throw at them.  Just wait till dark and they will go home and roost.  They did and an exhausted,wet, cold, turkey chaser came in for dinner.  Turkey sandwich?  I ran after I said it.  Also learned (such valuable info) that a group of turkeys is called a rafter or poult.  See you learned something today.  Their babies are called poults as well.

The squirrels on steroids have found a way to keep me busy.  Tried every gadget, every suggestion known to man, to keep the fat-asses out of the bird feeders.  I gave them their own corn stations, their corn bungee, their corn cobs and so on.  Yesterday they managed to open the woodpecker basket and remove the entire block of woodpecker food.  I am determined to find a way.  But they are so cute.  It’s like watching Chip and Dale, the Disney Chipmunks. 

The new book, “They’re Pistols and They’re Loaded!”, is off and running.  Lani is working the sales in South Carolina and is working up some speaking engagements.  Meanwhile, sales here are going well too.  I would like to thank everyone for their support to find a cure for cancer.  My web dude, Tone Dog Tony, is working on combining the websites and setting up new Facebook page.  So, all will be completed soon.  Leaving at the end of this week for a ovarian conference.  Looking forward to that.  I get to introduce the book in another city.

If you are retired you will understand my next statement…if your not …you will be one day and you’ll get what I’m about to say.  Bill is driving me nuts.  If I’m in the kitchen, he decides to be in the kitchen.  The kitchen is big…right?  He makes it small.  I’m doing whatever I need to do in there and he is right under my feet.  Like cleaning the stove and he has to get into the microwave.  I’m putting things up and he’s in the fridge taking things out.  Making the bed…he has to get into his nightstand.  It goes on forever.  Starr got under my feet during the hard rain yesterday and I told her “DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!”  I really believe she knew what I was talking about.  She is a woman after all.  The minute warm weather arrives the treadmill comes out, the garden stuff comes out, the lawn mower comes out and that will be the perfect storm.  Bill will disappear to his recliner.  I keep praying for an early spring.

Have a wonderful week.  Spread the word about the book.  Portions of the profits go to my ovarian cancer research fund at MD Anderson.  All of your help is so appreciated.  I am blessed with such great friends and family.  Love you all!!!!

Ride,Baby,Ride! and keep your Pistols Loaded!

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