We’re back!

Just returned from our latest Vegas excursion.  Quite eventful I must say.  Before boarding the aircraft, I noticed that the tail of the plane looked like Frankenstein’s face.  Like it had been sewed together.  I decided the 3 beers I had consumed prior to lift-off were definitely NOT enough.  Enquiring about the age of the plane it was determined that it was one of the oldest in the fleet.  An ancient relic like me.  I wonder if it’s missing body parts too.  So, we board.  There isn’t enough alcohol on this flight to put me out.  The good Lord and I had several heart to heart chit-chats. 

Once in Vegas, we get a cab to go to the hotel.  We check in and go to the room.  Change clothes and head for dinner. As we leave the hotel, police are everywhere.  Helicopters flying over and people as thick as pea soup.  Turns out that the Nascar Vegas race was Sunday.  All the semi’s carrying the race cars are parading down Las Vegas Blvd. It was truly an amazing sight. 

Next morning reading my horoscope, it’s my lucky day.  Sure it is.  Well, turns out I am playing 3 card poker and I have two 5’s and an 8.  The dealer turns up two 5’s and an 8.  I hit a four of a kind and a full house all in one hand!  My trip is paid for!  So, life in Vegas started off on the right foot.  Next day was the Ovarian Cancer Conference.  Met so many nice survivors, doctors and other authors.  Sold many books and bought lots of “teal” stuff.  (Teal is the ovarian cancer color).

Saturday came quickly and it was time to return home.  I was yelled at in stereo by the TSA ladies.  Each demanding that I come through their line.  I felt like I was in 2ND grade again.  What is with the ego of these people?  Gee, I want a TSA badge so I can turn into a bitch and order everyone around.  I was waiting to be handcuffed by one or the other.  Bill and the Vegas cop thought it was funny.  I decided to go in the line of the one that weighed 300 pounds.  I think I could have taken the other one.  All joking aside, I don’t look like a terrorist and I don’t have bomb in my underwear…today, and I was pre-approved to board without all the hassle, so can we be a little more gentle.  It seems like they have “bigger fish” to fry….like looking for a missing 777 in the South China Sea!  Which by the way is looking more like an alien abduction! 

Having barn built on Friday and Bill has prostate surgery next week.  Nothing major…kinda like a woman’s D&C.  A little dusting and cleaning.  So everyone have a good one.  Love you all.

Ride,Baby,Ride! with those Pistols Loaded!

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