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I would like to start out saying that my bowels aren’t irritable.  They are “unstable”.  They have never said an ill-tempered , huffy, tankerous remark aimed towards me.  Not crabby but crampy at times.  Grumbling at times.  Stubborn for sure.  (Can’t imagine where it picked that up from).  At the ovarian cancer conference one of the speakers said that one of the side effects of losing some body parts had resulted in “irritable bowel syndrome”.  I lost 8″ of my colon during my initial surgery over 4 years ago.  I can safely say…I poop a lot!!!!  Something goes in and something goes out.  I feel that I am actually blessed.  For I have been constipated before, especially during chemo, and that is definitely not for me.  So to any of my “sisters in TEAL” or anyone else who suffers from over- active pooping….keep your toilet area stocked with anything you might need while visiting your office.  I have a rack with crosswords, sudoku, books, magazines, cd player with George Strait CD’s, and of course the phone.  Rest assured my frequent, annoying visits to the john… are enjoyable.

Now that that’s off my ass…I mean chest… Have you seen the commercial on TV about the overactive bladder?  And the poor lady that is detoured to the bathroom by her blue-eyed bladder every few minutes.  Really!  I wonder if my bladder has blue eyes.  I have blue eyes…Bill has brown eyes, I wonder if his bladder inherited his eye color.  Next surgery I’ll have Dr. Bevers check it out.

Bill and I have a large bathtub.  It is equiped with many nice accessories.  Places to sit, places to put lit candles, ledge for cocktails…etc.  So I’m in there soaking, minding my own business.  Glass of Merlot, wonderful smelling candles, head back on a pillow…warm and cozy.  Then here comes Bill.  That looks so relaxing…it was!  He had no difficulty getting his ass in but it took both of us to get it out. The postions were those of a “Twister” game.  Bill is now restricted to the shower.  From now on, I will be taking my long baths when he’s not home. 

We had Casey and grandson Braden here last week to help with odds and ends.  Leave it to the guys to get out the guns and have some fun trying to hit the sand pile.  Braden has a new 12 gauge that he got for his 18th birthday.  He handed it to Bill to shoot.  Bill fires the gun, almost fell on his ass and is now more deaf than he was.  If that’s possible.  Now, he hears nothing!  Hopefully it is temporary and some of his hearing will return.  Thank goodness he was not wearing his hearing aids.  Can you imagine the sound that would have made?  If those boys are going to cause havoc..please get it on camera. 

Hope everyone has a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  May you all find your pot of gold at the end of a beautiful rainbow.  Special prayers out to a few of my “teal sisters” who are once again battling cancer.  I pray that we find a cure soon so no else has to suffer.  Many of us have battled more than once and will be battling again in the future.  Hang in there and know that God is with you.  Don’t give up….keep fighting!

Ride,Baby,Ride! And keep those Pistols Loaded!



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