Vacuum Woes!

I consider myself a fairly atheletic lady.  I come and go with no real issues.  But I am so uncoordinated when it comes to two things.  I can’t vacuum worth a damn and I can’t pour bird seed in a bird feeder worth a sh_t!  Bill and I recently bought (from a TV ad) a Shark vacuum cleaner.  It was a great deal and came with a steam mop and many attachments.  It is really amazing until it is put into my hands.  I really am dangerous.  Every living thing scattters when the power goes on.  That machine sucks up everything!  Chico’s tail, the bathroom throw rug, Bill’s sock, and the cord to the treadmill… for starters.  If I were being recorded….every cuss word in the book is used in such a short period of time.  As well, the task of filling the bird feeders, is a challenge.  I try filling without a way.  I try filling without having the bag collapse on me…no way.  I try filling without the birds swarming knowing that I spill more on the ground than goes into the damn feeder.  I’m glad I drink, so I wouldn’t have to start a bad habit all over again!

Bill made it through his surgery and is now combating the catheter bag.  He’s had to wear it since his surgery last Wednesday.  Actually…I find it amusing.  Now he gets to see what all I’ve been through with all the added accessories one is forced to endure after different surgeries.  He ‘ll say something and I just nod, smile and say “get over it”!  The doctor said he scraped the prostate and all that is around, attached, or enters and leaves it.  Lots of “chips” were removed and hopefully Bill will be peeing like a teenager again.  I hope other fringe benefits go along with that!!!!!  Anyway, he is fine and he will get the catheter out tomorrow.  Much to his delight.

I have my mammogram next Thursday at MD Anderson.  Then, next week I have my port cleaned and while they are doing that they can just draw blood at the same time.  So convenient, isn’t it?  And on the 10th my Dr. Bevers appt.  Keep the prayers coming.  I feel great and don’t anticipate any “off the wall” news. But… all of that is in God’s hands.  While I am on the subject, please send out a prayer for my friend Olivia who is going through chemo again.  As everyone knows with cancer you really aren’t ever “cancer free”.  But we are fighters and will face the odds, and move on.  Ride,Baby,Ride! Olivia!!!!

“They’re Pistols and They’re Loaded!” is out and available everywhere.. just as “Ride,Baby,Ride!”  They are inspirational and make great gifts.  (Plus being a quick and easy read).  Remember a $10.00 portion of each book sale goes to the Leilani Essary Hurles Ovarian Cancer Research Fund at MD Anderson.  Please check out the “A Giving Thought” page of the website for details on donations.  Dr. Michael Bevers is in charge of the funds and which trials he thinks we should use it.  Please be generous for a great cause.  Let’s put a stop to the “silent killer”!

Have a blessed week.  Give someone a extra little pat on the back this week.  It goes a long way. 

Ride,Baby,Ride! And keep those Pistols Loaded!

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