Don’t Forget Your Pad

Life is really a hoot!  I am getting more enjoyment as Bill’s healing process continues.  He is making progress.  Catheter is out and antibiotics are finished.  Still taking stool softners and still trying to get back into “aiming” to pee.  After the catheter was removed the the stream looked like a nozzle on a water hose that was on the wide spray setting.  So, after many clean-ups, he is now able to control the spray area.  But here’s the best part….he has to wear a “man pad” in case of leaks.  Ahhh…there is a god.  The goddess of women getting even is doing her work.  Bill is taking it rather well.  His only comment daily is… how did you girls survive this all those years with this equipment?  What a pain in the ass.  All I can do is smile.  Just think Bill, it’s just a pad.  What if you had to insert a tampax?  The thought of a man doing that (in any orifice) makes my day!!!!

Our twenty pound squirrels have figured out a way to disengage the complicated bird feeder.  It took me fifteen minutes to put that thing together.  It took them one minute to spill out all of the seed.  Plan B was to move it to the middle of the yard so that it was not near a tree to aid them in their endeavor.  Really?  I do not believe anything is squirrel proof.  Two of them were hanging upside down having a field day.  Knocking seed everywhere for all the others to feast on.  I purchased bungee cords for them to eat their corn cobs.  It seems they rather enjoy the challenge.  Either that or totally pissing me off.  This morning a forty pound rabbit was eating with them.  I mean a big sucker.  So cute but I wouldn’t want to disturb him.  I think he can pretty much defend himself.  Must be the Easter Bunny checking things out.

I have my port cleaned and blood work done today.  Please keep the prayers coming.  I feel good and I do not anticipate any bad news.  But all of that is in God’s hands.  Have an appointment with “the Bev” on Thursday.  Will know final results then.  Praying for two of my friends having to go through chemo again for OC.  Mary Ann and Olivia…hang in there.  As ovarian cancer patients we will have to fight for the rest of our lives.  No cure, yet, for this one.  Just need everyone to spread the word about the silent killer.  Don’t forget portions of the book sales go to ovarian cancer research.  Please check out “Ride,Baby,Ride!” and “They’re Pistols And They’re Loaded!”.  Found on line or order at your local bookstore.  Barnes and Noble carry them.

A big congrats to my honey, George Strait, for winning Entertainer of the Year at the Country Music Awards last night.  So many talented voices but only one winner.   Thata boy George!

I hope everyone has a great week.  When I find out test results I will post them on the blog. 

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