A Full Week

I’m way to old for these extremely busy weeks.  I need to be sitting on a beach somewhere with my cocktail, listening to George Strait, watching half dressed men walking the shore, and getting a nice tan.  But there was great news as far as medical issues.  For Bill…getting much better.  Still wearing the pad when we go out just to be safe.  And much improvement on urgency and to empty completely.  As for me, I was told it comes in threes and it did.  My CA 125 was a 1.9, my physical showed no signs of cancer and my mammogram was negitive.  So keep the prayers coming.  God heard them!

Speaking of our God.  Bill and I are going with our church group this week to see the movie “Heaven Is For Real”.  I enthusiastically read the book and thought it was awesome.  With cancer always on our minds, I feel comfort in hearing of others experiences into our next heavenly world. And the church’s Easter Egg hunt was Saturday and all had a great time.  New Hope Community Church provided hundreds of eggs and a hotdog lunch to the community.  Lots of Navasota youngsters visited the Easter Bunny.

Today was cleaning day.  Always an adventure with my new “SHARK”.  I’ve somewhat learned to control the nozzle.  Didn’t lose any curtains or dog parts to the dirt sucking machine.  I did however manage to annihilate one of Casey’s houseshoes.  It took me forever to get the strings out and untangled.  But I’m getting better.  Starr and Chico vanished in thin air when I pulled the “obliterater” out of the closet. 

Bill and I went to the Crown Plaza Hotel in downtown Houston for the Texas Swimmers Hall of Fame dinner to induct our precious Dad’s Club into the Texas Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame.  Olympic, National, past and present swimmers and divers attended.  The club started in the 1950’s and is still making oylmpic champions today.  So much fun to mingle and reminisce with friends, some of which I haven’t seen since the 50’s and 60’s.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Easter.  I ordered a Honey Baked ham today.  So I’ll be ready for the weekend.  Jesus gave His life for us and Bill and I will celebrate His Rising with church and family.  I know Lani will miss the ham.  That’s one of her favorite things to munch on.  A big Happy Birthday to my pal Lindsay Bevers.  She turns 14 on Saturday.  Prayers out to Olivia and Mary Ann fighting ovarian cancer, to my swim buddies Dana and Jimmy who just found out they both have liver and lung cancer, and my friend Donna Thomas who is saddened by a loved one who is terminately ill with the dreaded cancer.  Jesus heals and feels your grief.



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