Things Have Been CRAZY!!!

We all have times when it feels like we do not stop.  Bill and I have had one of those two week time periods where if it was going to happen …it did.  It started with us getting our horses moved from Fulshear to Navasota.  Lots of time consuming stuff.  Not only hauling them but getting all their belongings here too.  The fun part has been watching them get used to their new friends.  The raccoon family got aquited the first night.  Then the turkeys joined in.  The turkeys actually roll in the dirt with them.  Curious deer lurk from the woods.  Have not seen any wild hogs lately, but then again, we put up the hog wire to keep them away.

We did have a nasty snake experience.  If you are friends on Facebook then you have seen the result of that. Two copperheads were hiding between two boards we were moving.  Dusty was the lucky finder.  It looked like the snakes were trying to mate.  It was so disgusting.  But they are now without heads…..but were still trying to bite! UGH!!

The hummingbirds are putting on a show.   Yesterday, I turned on the sprinkler and they followed the sprayer around and around to get wet.  The other birds were going to the bird baths but these little guys knew how to take a shower.  The chickadees take the sunflower seeds and sit in the tree above the sprinkler and find it easier to crack them that way.  The fat-ass squirrels are still at it.  Never a dull moment with their antics.  Pete and repeat…what one doesn’t think of the others will.

Friends Lil and Bill came in from Seattle and stayed with good friends Linda and David.  We all went to the horse track on Saturday to watch the Kentucky Derby.  Linda and David reserved seats with their University of Kentucky alumni group and so we had a nice private room with lots of food and our own private bar.  Lil and Bill leave today for their journey back to Seattle.  Safe trip my friends.

Casey is just about through with the outdoor fireplace and once that’s completed the front deck will be finished.  It looks amazing!  He and friend Scottie painted the house.  It’s now a smokey olive with a forest green trim and window and doors are a burnt sienna color.  Looks great!  We can’t wait to enjoy the beauty of an evening fire.  All the fruit trees look like they survived the winter.  Even the lime tree that literally bent in half with ice.  Dusty came over yesterday and worked his butt off.  Mowed, weed eated, did flower beds (this time with no snakes to entertain us), and elevated the horse trough so Bud, the American Paint, could not get in it.  If it’s too low, he thinks it’s a bathtub.  He also put the new weedeater together.  So lucky to have two talented sons.

Lani and I are planning a speaking engagement in Columbia, South Carolina in August.  A ladies book club event.  Soooo looking forward to seeing her.  I delivered books to Dr. Bevers, Dr. Cook, Dr. Parker and Dr. Odhav.  I am so lucky to have them.  They not only keep me going but help spread the word about the “silent killer” as well. 

Bill is still having some trouble with his prostate.  He is still having to keep pads near in case of an accident.  Never thought I’d be carrying man-pads in my purse!  Although it is kinda amusing.  I know…poor Bill.  But other than that no change in the audio department either.  He still can’t hear crap!  Then he says “why are you yelling at me”?  He’s lucky he’s not saying “why are you throwing that frying pan at me”?

Have a great week my friends.  Praying for all of you that sent me prayer requests.  Jesus hears us.  Keep the faith!  Friends going through chemo…keep those bald heads shining!  We love you!

Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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