Getting There

Hi all.  Things have been so busy around here it has been hard to sit down and write.  Just about got all the sheds cleaned out to where I can get them organized.  Bill is still driving me crazy with his inability to communicate…as in hearing.  The horses have adapted well and somehow Bud, the paint, cracked his right front hoof and we had to call the vet out.  But we got acquainted and we really like the new clinic.  We can now take the dogs and horses to the same vet.  Makes life so much easier.

I have started to paint again.  Trying to pull all the back log out of my brain on what mother taught me.  I’ll never have her talent but it is so much fun and relaxing.  I will never run out of scenery to paint in these hills.  Mother Nature has truly blessed this area.  Starting with watercolor, which is my favorite, and then move on to the acrylics.

Bill is trying to deal with his hearing.  Actually no, I am trying to deal with Bill’s lack of hearing and Bill is trying to cope with his prostate woes.  The plumbing situation did not improve with surgery.  I feel like he is destined to be the wearer of male pads for the duration.  Life sure does throw some curves.  I was telling him a story of what happened on the way to church on Sunday and got almost the end and he turned to me and said “are you talking to me”?  He’s still in the hospital!!!!!!!!

Learned a lesson this week too.  Even though we have a screened in porch…don’t leave bird seed out.  Not even in a locked plastic bucket.  We are now sporting rat traps around the house and barn area.  The little asshole ate throught he screen and chewed the bucket handle to try to get to it.  Must have given up.  Bill saw one out in the barn under the horse feeders one evening so now we are armed and dangerous.  It’s funny how one spends their time trying to out smart the critters. 

My trip to see Lani is getting close.  Well…kinda.  In August.  But it’s almost June and I’m counting the days.  I have been on a diet of sorts.  Taking the Garcinia Cambogia tablets and watching food portions.  Almost down 15 pounds now.  Lifting a few weights to keep the arms shaped up along with treadmill on some days and sit-ups.  I stay busy so I don’t really think about food.  Still drink my wine or an occasional scotch.  Not giving up LIFE!  But doing it slowly and feel great.

Prayers out to several today.  Especially to brother-in-law Ray.  Losing his battle with pancreatic cancer.  That’s a tough one to win but it is in God’s hands as we all are. 

Don’t forget to follow the books on Facebook.  Both are doing well.  Spreading the word about ovarian cancer is my goal, so please help me with this cause.

Ride,Baby,Ride! and keep those Pistols Loaded!

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