Talking to God (Morning thoughts)

As I step to the window I can feel the warmth of the morning sun.  I anticipate the view of the front lawn.  It takes my breath away as I scan, not only with my eyes, but with the dreamy recollection of the beauty God has provided for me.  The trees talk by swaying with the light western breeze.  The breeze that I invision the angels create by silently fluttering their beautiful iridescent wings.  One hundred shades of green.  The folage boasting rainbow colors.  The flowers showing the power of God’s paint brush.  How amazing the sounds of Mother Nature are.  Learning the language of many birds.  Each species with their distinct way of communicating.  Trying to imagine how many dialects of bird language there are.  And that God speaks them all.  Cardinals, blue jays, bluebirds, owls, hawks, woodpeckers, titmice, chickadees, sparrows, wrens, and of course, wild turkeys all add there presence at the flying Hurles zoo.  Making their morning rounds to the feeders while the owls are heading for bed.

I feel your love God.  I see your love God.  I know your love God.  Now feeling sorry for those that are so blind.  To the ones that say that You don’t talk to them.  Blind, that they don’t look at You through the eyes of a believer and love life by Your words.  So blind in the spiritual sense.  Open up my heart to Your grace and glory.  For I see the power of God.  Thank you for another day on this earth.  And help me to help others know You too. 

To be continued.
Ride, Baby, Ride! and Load Those Pistols!

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