Summer Travel

Funerals are the PITS!!!!  Bill and I just returned from Ohio to attend the funeral of Bill’s brotherin-law, Ray.  Ray lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.  He gave it a good fight but God called him last week.  As always, funeral attending makes you think.  Thinking about your life and your time that is left.  As we all know we are on God’s waiting list.  We just don’t know what number we are on that list.  Bill and his brother Harp misbehaved as usual.  They will not sit next to each other at a funeral again.  It was like sitting with a couple of five year olds.  But I’m sure Ray looking down on things got a huge kick out of their antics.

In the Chicago airport…we had a lay-over in Chicago to get to Columbus….sitting at the bar (really…us) I notice a rolled up package of some kind just sitting there right next to me.  We asked the people close to us if it was theirs and they said no.  So we had security called.  Nobody move.  Turned out to be a rolled up yoga mat.  When the TSA arrived I told them don’t touch it until I have my wine and my American Express card in my hand!  If I’m going to blow, I’m going to be ready for shopping in Heaven.  Can’t go to Chico’s without them.  All the gals at the bar agreed with me.  So everyone grabbed their adult beverage. 

We had the hotel room in Columbus that even Captain Obvious wouldn’t approve of.  Seriously, we didn’t find a finger on the floor but I did Lysol everything….twice!  This room should be on the Ghost Adventures TV show.  OMG.  We tried other hotels but all were booked.  Summer vacations and getting close to the 4TH I guess.  I won’t say which hotel but the initials are BW.  I do have to say in their defense that all the personel were extremely nice.

Bill went back to the doctor for his 3 month check up.  Still having problems with what the doctor thinks now is a spastic bladder.  Leave it to Bill to have a spastic bladder.  I heard him yelling in the bathroom a few days ago and he said that when he changed his pad it was stuck to his pubic hairs.  I laughed my ass off.  Bill was so mad at his doctor for putting him through the surgery if it was bladder related and not prostate.  But I told him his prostate still needed open up.  He said he forgot.  Bill has the Italian mafia Alzheimers… I read in a novel somewhere that the definition of Italian mafia Alzheimers is when you forget everything except who pissed you off.  I believe that descibes Bill and his feelings about the doctor.

So, now we are off to my appointment to get my port cleaned.  I do this once a month but I don’t mind at all.  Dr. Bevers said that removing the port is bad luck.  Plus you just have to put it back in if the cancer returns.  God has blessed me now with over 4 years of life.  If you recall I was given 40% chance to make it 5 years.  We are at the 4 1/2 year marker.  Thanks for all the prayers and keep those prayers coming for all of you out there who are in need of them.  Bless you all my friends.

Ride,Baby,Ride and keep those pistols loaded!!!!

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