Don’t Mess With Mother Nature

Sometimes Mother Nature goes berserk!  Seriously….she is a little nutso.  Over the past few months, Bill and I have had the distinct privilege of being able to observe the wild turkeys in their “let’s get it on” moments.  I actually looked up to see how this procedure works.  Incredible!  It’s like the males “do it” in “power surges”.  It’s really sad when your new past time activity is becoming an expert in the mating of wild turkeys. 

Which brings me to the dreams I have had lately.  Now we know how the subconscious works overtime at night.  At times we dream about the past and loved ones.  Sometimes we dream about people and places we don’t even know.  I mean, what are you doing in my dream?  And how do our little minds even think up this stuff?  Are the visuals of turkeys screwing mesing up my night time thoughts?  Or, could it just be all the horrible crap happenening all over the globe.  I wake up thinking, thank goodness I’m out of there.  Last night I didn’t know anyone except Bill and my brother leaving me behind in a hotel with no cell phone. 

Had two good friends start chemo this week.  Both first time participants.  You know who you are.  Hang in there and if you need anything…give me a yell.  I totally understand how you feel and what to expect.  My prayers are on going.  Love y’all!  I would also like to send prayers to those veterans that are facing it again and know what to expect.  Too much cancer….let’s find a cure.

Hope everyone stays cool.  Have a great time and be safe. 
Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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