Good News

Wanted to start off by announcing that my CA 125 was a 2.7 and the physical exam was negitive.  Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.  As everyone knows that has faced cancer in one way or another,  it is a full time stress match.  No wusses allowed.  So, I am now off the hook for another 3 months and then back to the stress match.  Dr. Bevers was pleased.  When the nurse was doing the prep for the exam she asked me what size sheet I wanted to cover up with.  I told her I didn’t need one.  I mean really…the doctor has seen my who-who as many times as Bill.  In fact, Dr. Bevers has seen more who-who’s than the womens bathroom at Yankee Stadium, why would either one of us need a sheet to be comfortable?  But after all the kidding,  the Bev has been instrumental in my efforts to “get the word out” and I left him with a dozen more copies of the new book. 

Have been making headway on trying to get Bill to go get stronger hearing aids.  I’ll probably regret this move when he can hear everything I’m saying behind his back.  Well, actually right in front of him.  As some clever person once said, “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”.  Well, Bill is only damaged a little in a hearing way.  So my dilemma is do I fix half broken?  Life is so full of decisions. 

I am looking forward to visiting Lani in South Carolina.  We have a couple of speaking engagements set up and the rest will be pure mother/daughter bond time.  Can’t wait.  Bill will be left in charge of the casa.  That means 2 can’t hear and 1 can.  Starr and Bill will be wandering around in their silent world and Chico will have to be the ears of the operation.  OMG…better have “the troops” check on them periodically.  I keep telling myself …they will only be unsupervised for 6 days.  Then, I’m thinking 6 days is a fricking LIFETIME!

Stay cool and pray the summer gets no hotter.  Can’t believe it is almost August.  WOW!  Just think we will be getting into fall and Halloween before we blink.  I wonder when the turkeys stop mating?  Hell, I won’t have anything to watch in the afternoons with my glass of wine.  I’ll have to see what animals mate in the fall.  Nothing like country life. 

Love you all.  Prayers out to those who have contacted me.  Have a blessed week.
Ride,Baby,Ride and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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