Rib Woes

Hi everyone.  It is a beautiful morning.  Almost a little fall in the air.  Well…kinda.  After that horrendous storm last night, we were blessed with a cooler morning.  One lightning bolt nearly hit the casa.  Bill and I went flying out of our chairs.  Well, I flew…Bill crawled.  I’ll explain later.

Lots of news this day.  The book sales are exceeding my dreams.  Thank you everyone for the support in finding a cure for ovarian cancer.  As I travel and speak to different groups and wonderful people facing unbelievable odds, I rejoice that I am blessed to be a part of their battle. 

Next up….Bill.  Mr.Bill decided to fall.  Not only did he decide to fall, he decided to fall in great gradeur!  The man was getting up off the toilet, his feet had fallen asleep and they gave out as he stood.  On his way down he caught the side of the bathtub.  Not a pretty sight.  The call for help was a moan.  It took Chico to come get me.  I walk in and there is a buck naked ass mooning me.  I must admit, I was tempted to Facebook it.
Anyway, I texted our doctor and he had him x-rayed.  Mark Bing said he knew he had done something to his ribs but wanted to make sure that a rib did not penetrate the lung or an organ.  Dr.Bing called us right back to tell us he had displaced a rib (which is a nice way of saying it was fractured) and to have fun with the Aleve.  So Bill is living the life of luxury.  He seems to be amused that I am taking out trash along with mowing the grass and other manly tasks.   Leilani is not excited.  Went to the store to buy him some emergency items that compliment a TV remote.  Snacks, beer, books, candy….and now I have to clean the remote daily to unstick the buttons and keep the device from turning various shades of YUCK!

My brother Dee is coming for a visit.  Will be so excited to see him.  He and my sis-in-law Libby moved to Mississippi about the time we moved here to take care of Libby’s mom.  Guess we have to get used to long intervals between hugs.  He wanted to see his boys (my nephews, Walker and Ryan) and me before he has to start on his treatments for his mystery disease that doctors are having a hard time diagnosing.

In closing, I would like to send prayers out to all who need God’s healing touch.  Those going through chemo and radiation, recoveries, and other battles.  Prayer out to Billy Jr. who is in the hospital fighting a lung infection.  Speedy recoveries!

Have fun my friends…LIFE IS A BANQUET…enjoy!
Ride,Baby,Ride! And keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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