Lady Luck

They say it comes in threes.  So far, ours comes in fours.  The first one you know about.  Bill’s fractured ribs.  Now we are dealing with a major power outage in our area.  Which lasted from 6:30 PM to 3AM.  Power company says there was major damage done to the Navasota sub-station.  I have never felt so sorry for our grandparents back in the day.  My only thought was thank goodness it didn’t happen during the heat of the day.  But….what happened in the heat of the day was our air conditioning unit’s fan went out.  Waiting now for the repair dude.  In the meantime, I’m washing clothes and water is coming out from under the washer.  There is no water in the back of it or on one side.  Casey will be here soon to fix it.  But other than that we are just fine.  We love the new place and get to spend so much more time together.  No hussle and bustle of the city.  Even though Fulshear was quiet at first, it seems the rest of the world caught up to it.

Cleaning out closets…again.  I got rid of so much during the move but now I am really seeing what is needed and what is not.  I have been working out again and toning up.  So lots of clothes are fitting different.  Those old swimming muscles are reappearing (which is a good thing) and I feel so much better.  The weight I’m losing in fat is being replaced with firm arms and legs.  Bill and I still have our cocktails in the afternoon while taking in all of the beautiful scenery.  But my diet has changed and for the better. 

I agree I’m a woman with the vocabulary at times of a well educated sailor but sometimes no other words are appropriate.  Bill and I were discussing the way some people over exaggerate situations.  Either for attention or other hidden motive reasons and do it in a way you would think they were trying to win an academy award.  Maybe one for a dumbass!!!!  We have been through several instances lately which we have to just stop, shake our heads and at times completely laugh out loud.  It reminds me when dad was still with us and some of the antics he pulled.  Checkmate dad…we got your number!  But it was amusing and kept us going.  I really miss his award winning performaces. 

I’ve decided old age is just coming at a bad time for Bill.  At least he thinks so.  I think we all are getting to the point in our lives where we used to make fun of our parents and give them black balloons and tease about being over the hill.  Awww karma is hell.  So, stressing with home issues and getting old, what else could one ask for.  At least we have our friends and family.  Good friend Velma, my haircutter and longtime bud, went to lunch at Pappadeaux’s.  Consumed to wonderful salads and two bottles of wine. Had a blast.  A group girls from church went to one of the lady’s houses, a beautiful ranch house, and lunched on cheese, sausage, fruit, crackers, and of course your favorite adult beverage.  We plan to make that a weekly event.  that brings me to what I want to be in my next life.  I want God to put me in charge of the Karma Train!  oh, man…give me a Merlot and let me put some “choice” people on board.  Then let karma tell me what depot to drop their asses off!  I just hope I make it pass the part of being a passenger. 

I want to change the “around the house” job responsibilities with Bill’s.  Since his accident, I have been doing the things on the honey-do list.  I think he’s been fooling me all these years.  He sits on the tractor to mow.  He has the boys do the weed eating.  He stops for a beer… exhausted.  Feeds the horses and now the turkeys too.  Has a beer…exhausted.  Pays bills and piddles on internet.  Has a beer..exhausted.  Goes to recliner catches a movie or two or three.  Falls asleep for power nap with remote clinched in his hand.  And I do the laundry, make the bed, clean, wash my Jeep…and on and on.  Yes…definitely switching lists.  Where is that Karma Train?

Enjoy the week everyone.  We will be working to get all fixed.  Love life and eachother!
Ride,Baby,Ride! And keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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