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Hello everyone.  It has been a wonderful week full of all kinds of stuff.  As foretold, I took my trip to South Carolina.  I must say the Carolina’s are beautiful.  Lani had my trip arranged and all was very successful.  We had two speaking engagements.  One at the Rotary Club and the other at the Trinity Methodist Church for the book club.  The Leilani Essary Hurles Ovarian Cancer Research Fund is now closer to our goal.  I am meeting with my friend Kristine who is heading up our fund at MD Anderson Cancer Center next week to turn over the profits gained.  A special thanks to Mrs. Laura Bro who did so much work to have the trip so successful.  A special thanks to the Trinity Church for the beautiful welcome and the huge turn out of love and charity.  The church had lost one of their dear members, Peggy Benson, to ovarian cancer and the hall was decorated all in teal for our “fight like a girl” color.  During the questions and answer session I was amazed to have questions about how Bill was doing and about Magoo.  It brought back so many fond memories.  Of course, they were not shock to know that Bill had broken a rib.

The days were spent shopping and finding neat places to eat.  Downtown Columbia is so cool. Lani took me to a place called the Ale House.  You eat on the roof.  Huge open area with a million tv’s and a bar.  You get to look out over the city.  And great food.  We had a shrimp salad.  Then Lani and TJ took me to Pearlz.  It’s an oyster bar that is very popular there.  Always a line waiting but well worth it.  We also had dinner with TJ’s parents and two couples that they hang with and had a blast.  Went to an Italian place but I had a delicious filet mignon.  We also went to a place called the Arizona Grill.  Best salmon ever! 

While there, TJ had a brthday.  We all met at Laura and Ellis’ home.  They had an ice cream birthday cake for TJ.  We get home late and the next day we are all talking and TJ asks where he’s leftover cake was.  He thought Lani and I had disposed of it in one way or another.  Seriously, I had not seen it since the party…neither had Lani.  We just started cracking up when he ran outside to check in the car.  Thank goodness he had left it at his parents house.  And, before I forget….Laura and Ellis…your home is amazing.  It sits on a hillside.  On the golf course with a beautiful view of the lake.  Swimming pool and hot tub to boot.  And of course we wined in the pool. 

More later.  So much to tell.  A special prayer to my friend Olivia who is “fighting like a girl’ and has a CT scan on Friday.  She also lost her cousin in a tragic family ordeal in Navasota on Monday. 

Ride,Baby,Ride and keep Those Pistols Loaded!!!!!


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