Busy Bees and Dumbasses

I know …don’t panic…it’s been way too long to wait for a silly post.  Kinda hard for an old woman to say but we have not stopped in the last 3 weeks.  If it makes you feel any better, I finally did a major cleaning of the house too.  Not just a half ass cleaning like the last couple of weeks. 

We have had doctor appointments, gatherings with friends and family, church events, Texan games, port cleanings, and final touches on the house to get ready for fall.  But I must say that karma did get me.  I was kidding Bill so much about falling and breaking a rib that the gods in charge of falling down got even with me.  While out watering the lawn, I slipped and fell right on my butt.  The water hose got tangled up around a tree and I gave it the good ole college pull and my wet tennis shoes went right out from under me.  Chico, my granddog, came running to check on grandma.  Nothing hurt except my pride and a bruise the size of a softball on the butt cheek.  But Bill is healing nicely and can actually do some of his chores again.  Dr. Bevers said that I should set an egg timer for Bill when he poops.  He can’t be on the throne for more than 10 minutes at a time.  Dusty came by and helped weed eat and throw hay. 

Had three wonderful lunch dates.  Bill and I met with Linda, David, and Linda’s lifelong friend Pam in from Arizona, at Applebee’s and had agreat visit.  I met with ovarian cancer fighter Olivia at Willie G’s for lunch.  Olivia is also a patient of “the Bev’s” and recently had a CT scan that shows she will once again have to put up a good fight.  But we fight like girls and we will be winners.   Also, had lunch with my friend Betsy and her sister Mary Sue at BJ’s Brewhouse.  Another wonderful visit.  Betsy used to be one of my chemo nurses and has retired and moved to College Station.  I really appreciate the purchase of the books.  It gives more money to my research fund which will help so many in the future.

Went to the Texan pre-season game with good friends Linda and David.  Only bad thing was a loss.  But Sunday was our season opener and we knocked the crap out of the Washington Redskins.  JJ Watt and crew did a real number on them.  Keep it up Texans.  It was a game where my middle finger did not have to answer every play.  Last year was such a disaster.

Did some fall shopping.  I made the mistake of going when the whole world was headed back to school.  Sometimes you just have to close your eyes, take a breath, ball your fists up, and remind ones self that you wouldn’t look too great in prison stripes and just smile at the dumbasses and leave.  I mean…really…where do these people come from?  There has to be a dumbass planet out there somewhere that produces and houses these people.  Oh well…I don’t need anger management …yet, I just need the dumbasses to quit pissing me off!  And life goes on.

Have a great week.  Tomorrow is hump day and that means Friday is around the corner.  Prayers to all that need them.  Blessings!

Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep those Pistols Loaded!


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