Toilet Monitor!

Okay…I have nothing against poodles.  Afterall, they are supposed to be one of the smartest dog breeds there is. My mom got two little minis when my brother and I were kids.  Pierre and Toushay.  So nothing wrong with the little dogs.  But… after taking Chico to get his shots the other day I have decided that the “standard” ones are creepy.  Have you ever met one of those things face to face?  OMG, there is something not quite right.  Chico thought so too.  The look on his face was…what the hell is that?  And keep it away from me!  When we first walked in, there was a huge cat sitting in the middle of the lobby.  The cat saw Chico and froze.  Chico didn’t.  He dragged me across the floor and was within feet of the kitty.  I told the girl she’d better come rescue this cat.  Bill was laughing his ass off.  Chico was looking like …oh goody…something to toss around!  But after the poodles arrival, Chico needed a tranquilizer.  No, he did fine.  Just excited about getting out in the world and taking in new things.  It was a hoot!  Total bill $35.00.

The next day we took Starr for her check up and returned with “no worse for wear”.  Only an empty wallet and Bill needing CPR after getting the bill.  Starr is 15 now and really slowing down.  But she will have her teeth cleaned next month if all her blood work turns out good. Also, xrays of her heart to make sure she can go under the “toothscraping”.  It’s so hard to watch your four legged family members get old.  Total bill $650.00.

I’ve been ordering things from catalogs to get ready for the holidays.  Found some really cute stuff on sale.  I have always liked to get a head start, much to Bill’s dismay.  Although we were out running errands yesterday and he actually pointed out a SteinMart store to me.  Thought I was going to have to take him to the emergency room.  Usually he has me look the other way at something bogus so I don’t see it.  It took me a moment to reorient.  Will wonders ever cease?

We have been timing Bill’s poop sessions.  No falls to record.  I did have to help him up the other day. (Just call me the “toilet whisperer”)!  His feet fell asleep again.  Just love being the “toilet police”.  I think a camera in the bathrooms are becoming more of a reality over here.  I have not hit the ground lately either.  My bruise healed with no side effects.  Other than that not much in the field of physical disasters.  I do have a big month coming up in October as far as rechecking the CA125 and Dr.Bevers appt.  So now is the time I start getting nervous again.  Bill will have to have a skin cancer taken off his face in a few weeks.  Biopsy came back positive.  Not a big spot and should be easily removed.

We have the Big Brother Big Sister Gala coming up.  Always lots of fun.  Also, a get together with BBBS at Minute MaidPark.  I wish daddy was here to go with us.  Big Brother Big Sister was his most rewarding accomplishment.  It is an honor to be invited to the events as the founders daughter.  I appreciate their efforts in making me part of their events.

One of my chemo nurses lost her daughter unexpectedly.  Please send out prayers to their family.  And a big request for all the prayer warriors out there for continued support of those who need our love and hugs.  A shout to new friend from Iowa who sent me a beautiful thank you note.  I am here for anyone who needs me.


Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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