One Day At a Time

Bill had his skin cancer surgery.  All went well.  Took out a chunk of the lower cheek and has 8 stitches that show…a few more underneath.  Not a Frankenstein face yet.  But we should be getting results of tissue removed tomorrow.  It has not slowed him down and all-in-all makes us enjoy every day we have together even more.  His rib is doing much better and only gives him trouble every once in a while.

Had a good rain today.  Lots of tree limbs down. But around here that is very normal with a good rain storm and a little wind.  I was in College Station when it hit.  Ran errands and made the last stop the grocery store.  As I was leaving the storm hit.  Needless to say I drove back to Navasota soaking wet.  But challenges make you stronger and there are no complaints here.   Grabbed pumpkins and fall decorations at Hallmark Store.  Love that place.  Lots of wonderful smelling candles and other goodies to make the home festive.  Bought the coolest windchime.

Enjoy the fall everyone.  Lots of festivals going on.  Remember God just wants you to have fun.  Don’t worry what will happen tomorrow…live for now.  We all fight life’s adversities…so make your life count.  Let’s go prayer warriors, lots of work to do!

Hugs and love,
Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!


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