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Hi everyone.  So sorry for the delay in time between blogs.  It has been a very busy and interesting couple of weeks.

Our lab Starr, who is now 15 years old, had to go under the knife and toothbrush.  She had her teeth cleaned but did not have to have any removed.  She also had a small growth in her right ear.  It was one that had to be removed.  So in she went yesterday for her maintenance.  We picked her up in the late afternoon.  The poor baby was up all night pacing the floor.  Her back knees are losing the cartilage and so she kept sitting down.  As Bill snored…I stood vigilant…in the overnight care.  Sleeping more this morning but we upped her meds. 

We have spent the last week doing the yearly check-ups on all the things the Jeep needs.  Dusty has been doing the oil change and tune up and checking all the points of interest that needs to be monitored.  The tricky part is trying to coordinate the timing…his free time and ours.  I don’t know about others but I have to know my vehicle is safe and ready to go when I need it.  You know the saying …”you know I’m not perfect because there’s a crack in my ass”!  But I still like to stay ready.

Bill and I have been planning different excursions.  We are trying to put together trips to see Lani and to see a little of the country side around that area.  I love history and there is so much Civil War history in that neck of the woods.  We have old friends in the North Carolina area as well.  Just in first stage planning but getting excited about the ideas.  Since retired Bill’s wardrobe has been mostly T-shirts and jeans.  He always says this is as dressed up as he’s going to get.  You know…same shirt…different day.  So I’ll probably have to go pick up a few “modern” clothing items for him.

Bill has not been multi-tasking lately.  He does not sit for a poop and read in the restroom anymore.  As I said in another blog, we are taking Dr. Bevers advice and limiting sits to 10 min.  If you haven’t done your business by then…tough SH_T!   And speaking of Dr. Bevers….my 3 month check up is next Tuesday.  Blood work will be done on Monday.  Please pray for a cancer free exam and normal blood (CA125) count.  I depend on all of you…my pray warriors, for support.  

Well, getting ready to go workout.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I always ask the good Lord to give me patience because if He gives me too much strength, I’ll probably need some bail money to go along with it.  Peace be with you all.  Prayer jar is being taken care of.  If you’d like my prayers..please ask.  You are all so dear to me.

RideBabyRide! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!



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