Prayer Warriors Update

This is to let everyone know that my prayer warriors came through with flying colors.  My visit with Dr. Bevers was yesterday.  I endured the rectal and pelvic exam.  Thorough abdomen, neck exam and a good complete once over.  All clear.  The CA 125 bloodwork came back a 3.9.  So we are all good for another 3 months.  Thank you to the huge response for healing prayer.  God was listening.  I know God only gives us only what we can handle…He sure must think I’m a bad-ass!  He knows me well!!!!!  LOL

Bill and I were honored to attend granddaughter Lise wedding this past Saturday in Thicket, Texas.  We totally approve the the young man she has chosen and know that they are made for each other and will be blessed with a long happy life together.  Have a wonderful life Lise and Jesse. 

My baby…my most prized possession, my Jeep Wrangler….is sick.  Having AAA pick it up today and getting a rent car if things aren’t looking up by Friday.  Dusty tuned it up for me and hooked up the computer scanner and not a single code came up.  He thinks it might be a  traction/ transmission problem.  Out of his expertise.  Anyway, I’ll be without my side-kick for a while.  My bad-assing around town will be at a minimum.

Prayers going out to many who have asked.  Have a great hump day and a wonderful rest of the week.  I love you all.  What a lucky gal I am to have so many remarkable friends.  Blessings!

Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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