Remember Stick Matches?

It seems that my Jeep was having a “traction sensor” problem.  So the sensor was replaced and we have hit the streets again.  Not to mention…got off a lot cheaper than we expected.  $140.00…what a deal! Ha!   The good thing was it was fixed quickly and no rental car was required.  Thank you to all that offered rides and extra vehicles to use. 

I was playing with matches the other day.  Really, I found a box of stick matches that must have been in our emergency kit box for years.  Thinking back I was amused by what all we used to use these stick matches for.  And the fact our parents, in this day and age, would probably be arrested for raising “little arsonists”!   We played poker with them (when you didn’t have pennies that is what you bet with). We played pick-up sticks with them.  We built things with them by Elmer’s gluing them together.  People took them in the restroom with them in order to hide their stinky poop smells.  Kids would carry them, even if you weren’t sneaking out to smoke, and we would build camp fires to sit around and tell ghost stories.  Can you imagine giving your kids a box of matches now?  Here kids go play.  Boy, those were the days.  And isn’t it amazing we never thought about setting anything on fire.

Found a really good red wine.  Wild Horse Merlot.  I try to get around to tasting just about all of them.  I put this to the side several months ago to come back to.  I leave the ones I like alone to see if it was just my taste buds at that time or if I truly like it.  This one is a keeper.  Ghost Pines Cab is also an excellent one for the Halloween Holiday table.

Dusty has been out helping us cut up and gather fire wood.  No lack of resources this year.  7 1/2 acres of “take your pick”  kindling.  We have been riding all over the property cutting down dead trees and splitting up big and little logs.  Bigger ones for the outdoor fireplace.   No pine for indoors due to the juices that retain in the chimney and learning a lot with this backwoods life.  And so much fun and activities to keep you going.

Lani had a special request for me to update her on the “60’s”.  The girls at her office are going as hippies.  Bring back the Woodstock days.  I was sending her photos of the pics in my high school yearbooks.  Vests, headbands, flower power…the works.  Probably should have included stick matches!!!!  I think the doctors in the office were going “50’s” and the techs as “80’s”.  Hell, I don’t even remember the 80’s.  I guess raising three small ones was a little time consuming.  I can’t wait to see the pictures from this pediatricians office.

Hope everyone has a great week.  Hump days are always a good sign that Friday is not far a way.  Enjoy the cooler weather.  God’s sign of His season change.  And don’t forget the time change this weekend.  Fall back!  Next Tuesday is election day.  Get out and vote.  My friend Sharon Dawson is also selling Avon products if anyone is interested.  I have always loved their lipsticks.  Let me know and I’ll give you Sharon’s info. 

Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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