Too Pooped To Pop!

Well, saying goodbye to another Halloween and hello to another Thanksgiving season.  And with the days after Halloween come putting up the Halloween decorations and retrieving the turkey related totes.  And with all of this hustle and bustle comes the dreaded trip to the “holiday shed”.  So named for the contents of the totes it houses.  Every time I go to that shed for a holiday exchange I feel like an archaeologist digging through the ancient relics of Egypt.  I pray each time that I do not uncover Cleo’s asp!  Or for that matter any other creature that decided to make “holiday shed” it’s home.  I shudder at the possibilities. 

Bill and I went to the Texan game yesterday.  So disappointing for all the fans.  JJ and a few of his defensive company did their job but we need an offense….a whole new offense.  Also could use some help at defensive backs but it seems we just can’t get it right.  Our friends that have season tickets as well, were venting much more than usual.  But the home game fun still exists and plenty of spirits were consumed.  Go Texans!  Please!!!!!

After the last week, with son Dusty’s help we have cleared a lot of land and have collected lots of firewood.  The cooler weather has sure helped the project.  We can now work most of the day, rather than a few hours at a time, without getting too pooped.  As my dad, Magoo, used to say …too pooped to pop!  And speaking of Magoo, I ran across a tote of things that I kept from his house.  Among them a picture of the two of us as he is running behind me teaching me how to ride a two-wheeler bike.  So funny…I actually remember how scared I was when he took those training wheels off.  And after a couple of disasters to the knees, and scars to prove it, I remember him making homemade ice cream on the back porch to celebrate.  Mom’s favorite …peach.  Everyone taking their turn churning the handle.  Oh my, what great memories. 

On Sunday, November 9TH, will be the anniversary date of my mom’s passing.  Hard to believe it will be 17 years.  Bill always takes me out to eat that day.  Either lunch or dinner in celebration of her beautiful life.  The day is also special because it is my sis-in-law Libby’s birthday.  I think she is going to be 37!  Love ya Lib! 

Another busy week.  Of course voting tomorrow.  Dinner with friends on Tuesday, port cleaned on Thursday, and breast MRI on the 13TH.  Not my favorite thing to do but it has to be done.  Another date with the famous “boob box”.  Always fun to lie there motionless for 45 minutes while the tata’s hang in all their glory to be nuclear imaged for the world to see.  Always my idea of a to-do on my bucket list. 

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