Happy Veterans Day!

What a great day.  Woke up this morning to cooler weather and we get to honor all our soldiers.  So to start off thank you to all our country’s protectors.  Bill and I spent Sunday after church at the steak and seafood place McCormick and Schmick’s.  Enjoyed the food and of course the wonderful attention they gave all our service men and women past and present.  Bill enjoyed the complimentary beef medallions with mashed potatoes and green beans, one of the many free choices for our vets.  I enjoyed my filet mignon …cooked to perfection. It was another fun outing that gave me the thought…”give me one good reason to act my age”. 

Sunday was also the anniversary date of my mom’s passing.  Bill was good at keeping me occupied as to not think so much about the past.  Hard to believe it has been 17 years.  But knowing she is in Heaven with Our Father is all that counts.  Do not know if you have been listening to the news lately but several amazing things have occurred.  The lady who was pronounced dead after a C-section and after 45 minutes started breathing again.  Saying that a voice kept telling her that it wasn’t her time.  The 5 year old girl abducted from here home in Utah at 4 in the morning and the mother waking up to a voice that told her to go check on her.  The dad went out and confronted the dude in their front yard and got her back.  He was caught and arrested soon afterwards.  The young nurse that was kidnapped right off a Philadelphia street and was returned a couple of days later.  The two Korean hostages that were released from North Korea…very puzzling.  The lady that went to the Garth Brook concert after her 19TH round of chemo to fight off stage 3 breast cancer and Garth stopped the concert to wish her well and signed and gave his guitar to her for her strength and faith.  I’m telling you miracles are happening everyday.  God is talking..we had better be listening!  We are blessed beyond belief!

Good luck to my editor, Tyler, who lives in Marquette, Michigan.  The arctic blast has them going nowhere.  Looks like 2 to 3 feet of snow on the way.  I asked him if he had any of his Halloween stash leftover to keep him from going hungry.  I’ll be glad to send a Snickers care package.  So prayers to those who need to stay warm.  Don’t forget about the pets.  They depend on you.

We are all thinking about tomorrow.  What will it bring?  Just remember to learn from yesterday and apply it to your life.  If you didn’t learn anything yesterday…you had better rethink.  It is through our past that we develop our future.  Don’t forget the knee-mail.  When life gets too hard to stand…kneel!!!!!

Breast MRI on Thursday.  So pray for great results.  It is part of my participation in the MD Anderson BRCA trial to nail cancer by heredity.  I tell all of them at the center, be careful what you say and do, you might wind up in my next book! 

Counting down for Lani’s visit.  Getting all the Thanksgiving hoopla ready.  Bill almost had a stroke when he saw the $450.00 grocery bill.  And that’s not counting the ham from Honey Baked Ham.  Groceries went up about 50 bucks from last year.  It’s amazing how each year it creeps higher and higher.  I’ve kept track about the last 3 yrs.  Scary! 

Love you all.  You are the angels that keep me going.  Have a wonderful week.  And be sure to thank a vet. 

Hugs and love,
Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!



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