Week of Torture

I hate to say it but the last two weeks have been off the charts.  If it comes in threes…I’ve had double trouble.  And for once…I’m innocent!

Last Thursday was my boob MRI.  My yearly “I hate this more than anything” appointment.  The guy that started the IV was an ex-Navy dude.  The needles to inject the dye are a bit larger than the regular IV needle.  Mind you, I have great veins…the nurses tell me that all the time.  So how did Mr. Midshipman miss mine?  They couldn’t use the port for some reason…I guess needle size…so I suffered as he stuck it in and proceeded to probe around.  Said it’s in but something is blocking it.  My right arm is still all the colors of the rainbow and then some.  I asked for another nurse and she came in stuck, the left arm, got blood and started the IV all in one sweep.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  Then we get to the MRI.  Tech gets boobs in their boxes and we start the test.  45 minutes in the tube…on my tummy looking into a mirror so I don’t have to look at the floor.  OMG!!!!!  I’ll get results today.

Then, on Friday, I head to the church office to help with the church bulletin.  After leaving, I run to the grocery store to pick up some tomato sauce because Bill and Dusty wanted chili.  I’m leaving the parking lot and a pick-up truck of massive proportions backs right into my Jeep.  Not just backs into…plows into! Now how can I get into a wreck when I’m not even moving?  Well…I did!  This dude was trying to get out of the way of another driver pulling into the parking lot.  The adjustor came out yesterday and we are waiting on a quote.  Mame, my Jeep, is drivable but lost a fog lamp and a blinker light.  Several nicks in the bumper where the entire back end of the pick-up landed.  A couple of dents in her armor.  Fortunately, the Navasota Fire Dept. was at the grocery store’s gas station and helped separate the vehicles.  At least ladies… the scenery was excellent.  I got a bird’s eye view of the cute little butts jumping up and down on my bumper.  Got to hand it to my little Wrangler, she didn’t look as bad as the 2015 huge pick-up.  Although receiving quite a jolt, I had no injuries.  The cop asked for everyone’s info and of course I had to give him my Concealed handgun license with it.  He asked me if I was carrying my gun and I said yes.  He asked me where I carried it.  I said, today it’s in my purse.  When I asked him if he’d like to see it …he laughed..and said NO.  Can’t understand why he didn’t want a menopausal ole gal showing off her pistol.  

Dusty was back over chopping wood and while taking logs out of the back of his pickup he ran across a snake.  Turned out to be a Texas black snake.  Looked like a young one but it’s dead anyway.  You know my rule…only good one is a dead one!  While Dusty was doing that …Bill was filling up the horse trough.  No, Bill was overflowing the horse trough.  The horses thought it was great.  Most fun they’ve had since they moved in.  Just like a couple of kids playing in the disaster.  Getting water everywhere.  Bill’s face was priceless.  Dusty and I were on the floor!  So funny!

I need to ask for prayers for some friends of mine, Pam and Dick, who lost their son, Kurt, this morning.  The young man was 34 years old and a daddy to a two year old.  The young man’s dad was one of my bosses at Kroger about 14 yrs. ago.   Please pray for their hearts to heal.  Blessings to the Habada family.  And prayers out to all that are hurting for one reason or another.  Congratulations to my friend Pat who just got a negative cancer test back.  You go girl!

Hugs and love,
Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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